Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rufus 0.7.0 Beta for Windows size optimized

Rufus BitTorrent Client 0.7.0 BetaRufus - BitTorrent Client Version 0.7.0 Beta for Windows
Optimized to 5,4 MB installed (as small as possible)

Files repacked/compressed using latest methods:
.pyd, .exe, dll's files are packed with UPX 3.0 (on Linux) /lzma /best /ultra-brute
rufus.dat (it's a PK Zip file) repacked with latest 7zip Version zip /best /deflat

Download + Mirrors:
Rufus_0.7.0_win32_bin.7z (4.28 MB) | Mirrors1 | Mirrors2 | DDL
Rufus_0.7.0_win32_bin.rar (4.25 MB) | Mirrors1 | Mirrors2 | DDL

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Anonymous said...

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