Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Source Insight v3.50.0058

Source Insight is a revolutionary project oriented program code editor and
code browser, with built-in analysis for C/C++, C#, and Java programs, as
well as other languages. Source Insight parses your source code and
maintains its own database of symbolic information dynamically while you
work, and presents useful contextual information to you automatically. Not
only is Source Insight a great program editor, but it also can display
reference trees, class inheritance diagrams, and call trees. Source Insight
features the quickest navigation of source code and source information of
any programming editor. Let Source Insight loose on your project and see
what a difference it makes in your productivity.

Version 3.50.0058 - July 16, 2007
Fix: Potential crashing problem caused by corrupted project file.
Version 3.50.0057 - April 13, 2007
Fix: Problem parsing #if or #ifdef statements that had a continuation \ mark at the end of the line.
Fix: Crashing bug when parsing #define statements with a continuation \ mark at the end of a file.
Fix: Rare crashing bug that could happen when reading files with lines > 255 characters in length.
Fix: Windows Vista: Floating tool windows stayed on top of dialog boxes.
Fix: Some compiler optimization bugs were found, and optimizations turned off.
Version 3.50.0054 - March 14, 2007
Fix: Crashing bug when parsing very long #define statements with a lot of line continuation tokens.
Fix: Crashing bug while parsing some deeply nested anonymous structs and unions.
Fix: Maximum nesting level for parsing block scopes has been increased.
Fix: Document Types using file filters with more than a single dot (.) would not match correctly. For example, "*" would not match


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