Friday, July 13, 2007

BitComet Beta Build 20070714 (14. July 2007)

GUI Improved: add file category combo list to torrent share list toolbar
GUI Improved: support multi key words in peer shared torrent list filter, separated by sapce
GUI Improved: torrent file name in torrent share list will be displayed in infotip when mouse hover on it if too long
GUI Improved: specify ED2K link from context menu in file list of BT task, to help ED plugin search ED download resource
GUI Improved: when double click .bc! file, prompt to open the unfinished file using the program associated with the original file without .bc! suffix
GUI Improved: right click toolbar of main window to choose displayed buttons, or using View/Toolbar/Buttons menu
GUI Improved: enable auto adjust column width from View/Tasklist menu
GUI Improved: when HTTP/FTP task connection failed, detail error and retry info will be displayed in connection log
GUI Improved: add HTTP/FTP task error retry interval time option in perferences dialog
GUI Improved: restore allocate disk space before downloading option in perferences dialog
GUI Improved: display upload rate and left time in task list by default
GUI Improved: when available space of save location in BT task properties dialog is not enough, the available space size is displayed in red color
GUI Improved: add copy IP address to context menu of status bar in main window
GUI Improved: display task size, progress and preview button in history task list by default
GUI Bugfix: the order of tasks in queue does not match the order in tasklist when start all task from context menu of floating window
GUI Bugfix: the task number in fav list does not refresh when move task to a new category using context menu of tasklist
GUI Bugfix: the wildcard "(*)" does not work in add HTTP/FTP download group dialog
GUI Bugfix: the HTTP/FTP task in queue failed to stop when double click it in tasklist
Core Improved: support persistent seeding to seed finished torrents in background automatically without starting the task
Core Improved: support uploading rate limit for all persistent seeding, tweak in perferences dialog
Core Improved: support customize file download order for BT task, in BT task properties dialog
Core Improved: support patch TCP half-open limit in Windows Vista
Core Bugfix: program will lose respond for a while to flush disk cache when high-speed downloading HTTP/FTP file from LAN
Core Bugfix: ED plugin will upload invalid data in some situation
Core Bugfix: scheduler failed to resume download after stop tasks for 2 hour or longer
Based on the stable version v0.90



update folder:

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