Sunday, July 15, 2007

eMule v0.48a SunPower Mod v2.1

eMule v0.48a [SunPower-Mod v2.1]
emule.exe info
Protected with ExeStealth (think about it and create your own meaning)

eMule SunPower-Mod Main Features:
- Slot Control: chose how many upload slots you want to open and Slotfocus
- Release-Features like Powershare, Share Only the Need, Active Spreading and Download Permission
- Applejuice Community Modes: select normal, reduced (50% Upload) or disabled Community Mode
- manual add to Upload, remove from Upload and Friend handling in every List on Transfer Window
- Applejuice Community with many Community Clients advanced Community Features
- Applejuice Creditsystem: you can "buy" download Slots from other Community Clients with Applejuice you get for your Upload
- Community Topfile List: Search and Find the Files with most Community Clients

Changelog eMule v0.48a SunPower-Mod v2.0:
July, 14. 2007
- Upload Level of Powershare is now one Level higher than Upload Level of Releaser Community Clients
- minor improvement on upload Level Code
- increased time interval before a low Slotspeed Client get's dropped from Upload
- fixed minor upload bug on adding LowID Clients when Community Mode was set to Community disabled
Active Spreading:
- increased Kad reask interval for Active Spreading
- fixed bug doing Active Spreading at the same Client for the same file more than once (only if source was received more than once)
- fixed sending source request v1 packet with Active Spreading also to clients which support v2 packet
Applejuice Creditsystem:
- fixed loading Autostart and Autostop Creditfactor setting from preferences.ini
- minor fix on Applejuice Creditdownload
- reduced CPU load of Anti-Leecher System
- fixed sending Username without Anti Nick Thief Addon to Community Clients
- don't allow Nick Thiefs to become Releaser Community Clients
- comment spam detection
- updated spam message list
- Copy Mod Statistics
- reduced CPU load of some other Features
- remove all Clients from upload and waiting queue on changing Download Permission
- DSL 16000 selectable in Connection Wizard
- fixed bug on entering stop automatic started Creditdownloads
- fixed opening Help in Mod Preferences
- Enhanced Client Recognization [Spike2]
- ROCKFORCE Mod Client icon
- updated German translation
- fixed minor bug in verbose log on loading topfiles_index.dat and credits_index.dat files

Download: (4.2 MB) - Mirror - Mirror - (DDL)
Old Version:
eMule 0.48a SunPower-Mod v2.0

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Oh well descriptions such as changelogs and pictures they can do very nice as long they are in english or german. Feel free to read the descriptions there and the downloads get for free here but we will appreciate if more visitors bring some hidden freeware secrets out from them as well and spreed it all over emule, torrent and other websites.

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These are excellent Applejuice Mods.
We want for our community somethink like this. Any way to get a customized Version for us?

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