Saturday, July 28, 2007

ExeInfo PE ver. A - ( 289 sign ) Exeinfo for Win32 by A.S.L.

Last update: 2007-07-28
New Homepage:
License: Freeware
ScreenShots: click here!
Web Site and Mirrors (added July 31,2007): @FixDown
ExeInfo PE ver. A
ExEinfo PE Win32 bit identifier is a free and useful exe checker for packers, exeprotectors, packer detector with solve hint for unpack, internal zip ripper exe pe ripper.

28.07.2007 - New Ripper menu, Buffer - 152 MB, many scan rebuild, new sign ...
22.06.2007 - Big buffer added ( 123 MB / progress bar ), new signatures, few modifications, new hints
22.05.2007 sign added, one skin exchange, bugs removed,unpack hints updated
11.04.2007 added sign, F6 key - run Die.exe, stripper corrected and bugs removed and added
17.03.2007 added sign, Gui for 120 DPI, F7 key - 8/16 bit string finder, REG call search, bugs removed
14.02.2007 Exe ripper window procedure corrected, added new sign with password resolver,
Overlay detector: RAR archives ( for all packed & modified SFX ) and 7zip archive, digital certificate hint size added (dec/hex), update unpacking hints infos,- Digital Certificate size checking - few icon exchange ( pull down menu )
New tools: - Xor xero byte Unwrapper - section stripper saver ( save exe sections to disk as files )
- Rolo Lamer Protector 1.0 b ( new icon, new pack, cosmetic changes )- pull down icon changed (view, F1 )
- 16 bit string finder - plugin menu bug removed, - new icons added, - long file name bug removed view, peid A
14.01.2007 add sign, non exe detect ( msi, 7zip ), unpacking infos update, one new skin - G

Download Latest version: exeinfope(2).zip (347.67 KB)
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Plugin for PEID.Exe - ver.
Download: Server1 - Mirror
Plugin for Die.exe - ver.
Download: Server1 - Mirror

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