Monday, July 23, 2007

eMule 0.48a XDP 0.8 Hotfix


Changelog XDP v0.8 HOTFIX:

- fixed problem with XS in XDP

Changelog XDP v0.8:

- add new XDP-Mod Stats
- add new extended Slotcontrol (Spe64/pP)
- add Slotfocus
- add Quickstart (Stulle)
- add DownloadAuto-Priority
- add many Codefixes/Optimized
- fixed Bug in Uploadlistctrl
- fixed Bug in UpNp
- fixed other little things
- changed TreeControl (added expand)
- changed UpKick

  • 1st unpack emule.exe protection Themida 1.x (399 Euro Protector)- Advanced Win. Software Protection System by Oreans Technologies blah blah...
  • (try: UPX Generic Unpacker by SMOKE and correct EP - Hand Made,... easier one click tools are available for kill Thermida v1.x, correct Header Fake entry b4... some Unpacking Groups (Reversing) may have helpfull info about it...)
  • 2nd Open with Hexedit emule.exe and delete your community if it is listed or/and the emule mods what you want to let access to share with this mod c'os there are many mods and comms rejected from access with XDP.
Download: DDL1 - DDL2
FileShare Mirrors: eMule_0.48a_-_XDP_v0.8_Hotfix.rar - Mirrors1 - Mirrors2

older Version: eMule 0.48a XDP 0.7

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Anonymous said...

Needz a German, French Football Clan for this Mission and the Original non Thermida version will be here in the original XDP Emule conditions.

Anonymous said...

Made by crooklyn-clan

Anonymous said...

It's not the original. It's seba's eXe Protected file. The original have a different filesize and is from umek

Anonymous said...

haha here it is: Themida1.

1.9 also available, but not here on this place.
what next maybe winlicense -:) -:) -:)

make a dump, clean it up,... rest as usually


Anonymous said...

WinLic.Pro. :)

as fast this all protect as faster it's unprotected doing the right ways

Game's NOT over!!!

4get h4Tr3d it's just a courier


Anonymous said...

Profonda ricerca di fonti. Ottima MOD per una connessione 56K, dove qualsiasi upload mi riduce la velocità di download fino al 50%.

Deep sources search. Excellent MOD for a 56k connection, where any upload reduces me the download speed up to the 50%.

Anonymous said...

i now have xdp 0.9 final…lol enjoy while file still there

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