Thursday, July 19, 2007

eMule 0.48a TK4Mod v2.1b 19.07.07

eMule 48a. TK4 Mod 2.1b

Version 2.1b - Base eMule 48a 18-07-2007

Fixed: ToolTipCtrlX - Fixed altered code for XP and above now it should work on 2000 and XP and above.
TK4 Mod Change log

Older Builds:
Version 2.1a - Base eMule 48a 15-07-2007


HTTP Download current binary
HTTP Download current source

ED2K link to current binary eMule48a_TK4Mod_2.1b_bin.rar
ED2K link to current source eMule48a_TK4Mod_2.1b_src.rar

Download from Fileshare Mirror: eMule0.48a_TK4Mod_v2.1b_19.07.07_bin.rar (2.65 MB)

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