Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Magic Mirror uTorrent whats the true?

µTorrent just see this private information to the MPAA / RIAA time, I was shocked. With the first reaction, I immediately is a very normal to use the µ Torrent 1.7.1 downgraded to a .6.1. However, one would like to calm down, things may not be so simple. µTorrent has betrayed in the end user? Why should betray users? These two questions answered, the matter should be able to get to the bottom of what's going on.

Evidence? And the Community peacetime habits. killed µTorrent website has not published the judge µTorrent divulge personal information first-hand evidence. Clearly, the sniffer data is worth a thousand words, is irrefutable. This can not help but have a little doubt. µTorrent another official bbs, it was posted for some interesting sniffer record: (Hex Dump)

Port: 36643
Infohash: F31D4DA4A8FA6C062D6BD17C6A5963FCEAAC3364

This is to "prove" outward µTorrent to send "suspicious" data only direct "evidence." In this regard, µTorrent forum administrator Firon, µTorrent is also the project participants Firon given this answer:
And if they think it's sending data to the IP they're really misinformed. That's a multicast IP, and is related to local peer discovery (it's a broadcast that won't go out of your subnet to find peers on the same LAN/WAN).

Firon provide access to the TCIP / IP data can know, to of IP Multicast for (Multicast) set aside, to demonstrate that the address used only 1.7 µTorrent. A new local peer discovery function (if I understand mistakes). In short, it is impossible MPAA / RIAA address.

As for the original news source (probably not) leecherslair forum, we can find the original articles: (need to sign up)

Clearly, this is one of the news was transmitted. It is noteworthy that in this message, the same question was the source. Forward who did not provide reliable evidence, but given other forums to discuss this matter articles, Azureus and had criminal records were reported.

In addition, to its users in the fleet PM also mentioned the µTorrent behavior. Summarized as follows:
It has been determined that utorrent 1.7 and upwards has a bug that reports your stats incorrectly.
It has also been determined that it reports private info outside of the tracker.
we advise...
The first issue is 1.7 µTorrent bug does indeed exist, I do not wish to repeat. For key to the second question, µTorrent official explanation is: it is not our fault. They made a mistake.
They're mistaking a multicast broadcast (used for local peer discovery) for reporting info the MPAA (despite the fact that this broadcast can't even make it out of your subnet...)
As at the time of publication of this log, No one killed µTorrent 1.7.1 trackers show direct evidence µ Torrent disclosure of personal information. µTorrent community DreadWingKnight in his blog, said: "Using the evidence, and otherwise shut up!"
(Put up or shut up)

P.S.: see at the Forum, µTorrent appears to 1985 and killed them trackers (TFA. bitme) before more than a holiday? Specific circumstances unknown, in this not comment. Meanwhile, hope someone can provide µTorrent 1.7.1 tracker blockade was the original source of news.

Please try to use Wireshark personally check to see what information is sent. more
Original article source in Chinese on Website:

upx -d uTorrent.exe, Hexeditor search the "Multicast IP" and overwrite it with 00000 or ........
some webadresses urls in the code can be replaced if server possible collect infos.

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