Friday, July 20, 2007

Shareaza PRO 3.2.3 and Shareaza Beta

Shareaza Pro is a free Windows-based peer-to-peer client which empowers users to share, search for and download any type of media files on most poplar P2P network protocols including Gnutella, Gnutella2, eDonkey/eMule, BitTorrent. Shareaza Pro' download core was purpose-built to provide intelligence for detecting fake and/or corrupted files.
System Requirements internet connection.


Beta Version:
Shareaza Beta
Since the last beta on June 1, there have been 112 commits to the repository that have made it into this release.

One of the changes this time is the UPnP feature turned off by default for new installs. We'd like to see if the number of crashes on startup are reduced by this being turned off.

Another important change is ale5000s vista compatability changes. It works great for me under longhorn server but we'd be interested to see if it doesn't work for some people.

There's quite a lot in there. We're keeping the trunk fairly quiet for a few days. Then plan is if there are any major bugs found with this beta, we'll get a new build out ASAP. If that goes well - it will go on the main page. Then all the goodies the team have queued up can go back into the trunk and the cycle will continue.

A full changelog between and is available at changelog_2.2.5.4.xml (for those browsers that support XSL!)

Download Shareaza - Mirror - Mirrors1

Download site 1

Shareaza Leecher Edition by Smasher - Version 1.7 SR2

- Update to
- Remove Uploadratio
- Remove Connectionlimits
- Add Community***
- Add No Upload Functions***
- Add no upload for "No Uploader"*
- Add upload only partial files**
- Add hide all shares*
- Add wait-request-limit to 1-60 minutes*
- Add ask ServiceProvider on startup
- Add update server.met on startup**
- Add connect only to HighID eDonkey Server
- Add other Torrent-Client identification***
- Add block advertising from eDonkey Server*
- Add multi eDonkey-Server connect**
- Add individual BitTorrent-Fake-Upload dynamic Ratio***
- Add emulate eMule-Client identification*
- Add eDonkey NickThief*
- Add eDonkey ModThief*
- Add connect only to favorites eDonkey-Servers**
- Add BackUp Temp-Files*
- Add generate random Personal-GUID on startup, after x day(s)**
- Add Fakeranking*
- Add ignore IP Filter*
- Add preview with extern player
- Add Auto ReAsk for new Sources*
- Add send fake Max-Upload-Bandwith**
- Add upload-transfer limit**
- Add simple Search-History
- Add Securty Update
- Add forced eDonkey-Server source search
- Add on-the-fly CPU optimizing (MMX, MMX2, SSE, SSE2)
- Add IP2Country support (uses ip-to-country.csv)****
- Add faster source connection
- Add last seen complete in search window (show in tooltip if available)
- Add FakeCheck support (show in tooltip if available; uses fakes.dat)****
- Add eMule MOD Tag read support
- Add No Tracker Report**
- Add startup sound
- Change complete state strategy
- Change Connect-HUB-Limit to 20

*Special-Features only works for Public members of!
**Special-Features only works for Premium+ members of!
***Special-Feature works restricted for non Public/Premium+ members of!
****Update support ZIP, RAR and ACE (RAR need unrar.dll and ACE need unacev2.dll)

Before you install Shareaza - L33cher Edition, uninstall other versions.
You can backup your settings with "Shareaza Configuration Backup Manager".

Download + Mirrors: shareaza_leecher_1.7_sr2_by_smasher.rar - Mirrors1 - Mirrors2
Direct Download: Server1 - Server2

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