Monday, July 23, 2007

eMule 0.48a XDP 0.8 Hotfix


Changelog XDP v0.8 HOTFIX:

- fixed problem with XS in XDP

Changelog XDP v0.8:

- add new XDP-Mod Stats
- add new extended Slotcontrol (Spe64/pP)
- add Slotfocus
- add Quickstart (Stulle)
- add DownloadAuto-Priority
- add many Codefixes/Optimized
- fixed Bug in Uploadlistctrl
- fixed Bug in UpNp
- fixed other little things
- changed TreeControl (added expand)
- changed UpKick

  • 1st unpack emule.exe protection Themida 1.x (399 Euro Protector)- Advanced Win. Software Protection System by Oreans Technologies blah blah...
  • (try: UPX Generic Unpacker by SMOKE and correct EP - Hand Made,... easier one click tools are available for kill Thermida v1.x, correct Header Fake entry b4... some Unpacking Groups (Reversing) may have helpfull info about it...)
  • 2nd Open with Hexedit emule.exe and delete your community if it is listed or/and the emule mods what you want to let access to share with this mod c'os there are many mods and comms rejected from access with XDP.
Download: DDL1 - DDL2
FileShare Mirrors: eMule_0.48a_-_XDP_v0.8_Hotfix.rar - Mirrors1 - Mirrors2

older Version: eMule 0.48a XDP 0.7

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Anonymous said...

Needz a German, French Football Clan for this Mission and the Original non Thermida version will be here in the original XDP Emule conditions.

Anonymous said...

It's not the original. It's seba's eXe Protected file. The original have a different filesize and is from umek

Anonymous said...

Profonda ricerca di fonti. Ottima MOD per una connessione 56K, dove qualsiasi upload mi riduce la velocità di download fino al 50%.

Deep sources search. Excellent MOD for a 56k connection, where any upload reduces me the download speed up to the 50%.

Anonymous said...

i now have xdp 0.9 final…lol enjoy while file still there

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