Monday, July 2, 2007

eMule 0.48a The Killer Bean v16

-=The Killer Bean v16=-

Based on : Netf Warp 0.3a.6 Beta (partial)

Update : ClientAnalizer (Wizard)
Update : Optimizer (TPT)
Update : IP to Country (AndCycle)
Update : ECR (Spike2)
Update : advanced upload-priority (Xman)

Added : Kad Helper (Wizard)
Added : Anti-Fake-IP (Wizard)
Added : dir vista official fix (godlaugh2007)
Added : ICS (enkeydev)
Added : filter clients with failed downloads (Xman)
Added : fix for startupload (Xman)
Added : AntiHideOS (netfinity)
Added : Extened credit- table-arragement (Xman)
Added : fullChunk (VQB)
Added : SUQWT (Moonlight/EastShare/ MorphXT)
Added : Client Extended Info (CB)
Added : FollowTheMajority (AndCycle)
Added : Virus Scan (TK4)
Added : SharedFileInfo (CB)
Added : ConChecker (X-Ray Mod)
Added : ActiveConnectionControl (X-Ray Mod))
Added : AutoSoftLock (NiTrO-TeAm)

eMule.0.48a.TheKillerBean.v16.BIN.rar (4.87 MB) | Mirror
eMule.0.48a.TheKillerBean.v16.SRC.rar (4.19 MB) | Mirror

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