Sunday, July 15, 2007

eMule 0.48a Fireball v2.1

eMule v0.48a [Fireball v2.1]
eMule Fireball Main Features:
- Slot Control: chose how many upload slots you want to open and Slotfocus
- Release-Features like Powershare, Share Only the Need, Active Spreading and Download Permission
- Applejuice Community Modes: select normal, reduced (50% Upload) or disabled Community Mode
- manual add to Upload, remove from Upload and Friend handling in every List on Transfer Window
- Applejuice Community with many Community Clients advanced Community Features
- Applejuice Creditsystem: you can "buy" download Slots from other Community Clients with Applejuice you get for your Upload
- Community Topfile List: Search and Find the Files with most Community Clients

Changelog eMule v0.48a Fireball v2.1:
July, 15. 2007
- Upload Level of Powershare is now one Level higher than Upload Level of Releaser Community Clients
- minor improvement on upload Level Code
- increased time interval before a low Slotspeed Client get's dropped from Upload
- fixed minor upload bug on adding LowID Clients when Community Mode was set to Community disabled
Active Spreading:
- increased Kad reask interval for Active Spreading
- fixed bug doing Active Spreading at the same Client for the same file more than once (only if source was received more than once)
- fixed sending source request v1 packet with Active Spreading also to clients which support v2 packet
Applejuice Creditsystem:
- fixed loading Autostart and Autostop Creditfactor setting from preferences.ini
- minor fix on Applejuice Creditdownload
- reduced CPU load of Anti-Leecher System
- fixed sending Username without Anti Nick Thief Addon to Community Clients
- don't allow Nick Thiefs to become Releaser Community Clients
- comment spam detection
- updated spam message list
- Copy Mod Statistics
- reduced CPU load of some other Features
- remove all Clients from upload and waiting queue on changing Download Permission
- DSL 16000 selectable in Connection Wizard
- changed default nick to Fireball Homepage
- fixed bug on entering stop automatic started Creditdownloads
- fixed opening Help in Mod Preferences
- Enhanced Client Recognization [Spike2]
- ROCKFORCE Mod Client icon
- updated German translation
- fixed minor bug in verbose log on loading topfiles_index.dat and credits_index.dat files
- Allow hiding infinite number of Files
- Don't disable Powershare because of too many complete Sources
- increased maximal allowed value for Disable Powershare because of too many Sources to 2000
- Always allow Active Spreading
- Disable limit for Friend Slots
- select Compression
--- Disable Compression (less CPU Load)
--- select Compression Level (9 = best Compression)
- Adnaced Upload Slots
--- set min and max Upload Slot number
- Share Only The Need settings in Preferences
--- Use Share Only The Need per File
--- Enable/Disable Share Only The Need for all Files
--- Disable Share Only The Need for Friends/Community
--- Share Only The Need System
- Download Permission (adjustable per file or global)
--- Use own setting for each File
--- Only Community for all Files
--- Only Friends for all Files
--- Community and Friends for all Files
--- Don't publish Files via Server
--- Don't publish Files via Kad
- Boost Sources
--- Treat all Sources equally
--- Boost nearly complete Sources
--- Boost Sources with few Parts
--- Increase Boost for first/last Part
- Boost Friends
--- Increase Score of Friends
--- Higher Upload Level for Friends
- Anti Community
--- enter multiple Anti-Community Nick-Addons and select Punishment for them
- Anti non-Emule-Clients
--- bans all Clients which aren't using eMule, eMule Plus or aMule or have no SUI
- manual Remove all Clients requesting a File from upload and waiting queue
- remove all Clients from upload and waiting queue on changing Download Permission
--- if they are not allowed to request this file anymore
- reduced lowest allowed queue size to 100
Drop Sources:
- auto drop NNP, FullQ and HighQR Sources (with timer NNS 30s, FullQS 40s and HighQS 55s)
- set how many percent of hardlimit has to be reached at least to start auto drop
- Drop all Sources in time intervals
--- for NNS, FullQS and HighQS Sources
--- time interval from 5 to 40 Minutes
- set source Droptime (25 - 360 minutes)
- IP ban for dropped sources: if enabled, dropped sources will not be connected until the Droptime is over (saves Overhead)
- manual drop HighQR Sources in Download List
- never auto drop Community Clients
- Drop HighQS Dynamic (depending on Average Queuerank) or static (depending on manual set max Queuerank)
- auto Drop non-eMule-Clients (drop timer 30s, drop them only if our QR is higher than 100 and we got less than 1MB)
- manual Drop a single Client in Download List
Reask Sources:
- Client Reasktime (from 10 to 58 Minutes)
- manual reask all Sources non Applejuice Community Sources of a File in Download List (via TCP and UDP)
- manual reask a single non Applejuice Community Client in Download List (via TCP and UDP)
- Crew member login
--- necessary to use Crew Features
- Filter Server advertisement

Changelog eMule v0.48a Fireball v2.0:
June, 6. 2007
- Releaser Community
--- enter Community Nick-Addons seperated by "|"
--- select Releaser Community Score Boost or set an own Upload Level
--- Releaser Community Client Icon [icon from Xtreme]
--- mark Clients in Mod Client detail page and show found Nick-Addons
- Download Permission
- changed Active Spreading for new eMule v0.48a source exchange
- increased time a client has to be in upload before he can be dropped because of too low slotspeed
- fixed minor bug with drop Clients with too low slotspeed if Slotfocus was enabled
Applejuice Creditsystem:
- limit number of max allowed Creditdownload Clients depending on own download limit (or download capacity)
- disable Applejuice Creditdownload on stopping file
- reduced Overhead of Applejuice Creditsystem
- fixed bug with Applejuice Creditfactor on completing and stopping file
- stop Applejuice Creditdownload depending on number of downloading clients via Creditdownload
- increased maximal allowed value for Autostart Applejuice Creditdownload
- send Queuerank again on sending new Creditfactor
- don't count Applejuice Credit saving answers from old clients (because of a bug)
- minor change on loading Applejuice Credits
- increased max allowed Applejuice Creditdownload Autostart and Autostop value
- some other optimizations
- only overwrite creditsave.dat file on closing eMule if we were connected to the network this session
- fixed minor bug with forcing community source exchange after a file was stopped
- Client icon for Applejuice Releaser Clients (Clients who support Applejuice Community, but disabled it) [icon by Snake-eATER]
--- also mark them in Mod Client detail page
- fixed bug with better sending Queuerank to Community Clients on first connect
- improved hidden File detection
- some other fixes on Anti-Leecher System
- increased max allowed lenght of username to 80 characters
- changed file buffer setting steps to 256KB per step
- fixed minor bug with Bad Hello Tag and Ghost Mod Anti-Leecher log entries
- changed and removed some links
- some minor changes and fixes
- Colored Upload Feedback
- icon for files with Download Permission 'Community Clients' in shared files, upload and queue list
- fixed showing wrong Client icon for leechers in known Clients list
- updated German translation
- updated Italian translation [laraspa59]
- updated Spanish translation [karateka608]
Download Permission:
You can set maximal 1 file to Permission 'Community Clients' and then only (Releaser) Community
Clients can download this file from you. Other Clients will not be able to see that you share
this file. This Feature is only to pre-spread a file.

ATTENTION! Before you use any of the following mods by "Snake" *Fireball, *SunPower, *Wikinger, *Rockforce.
All Mods are done with ExeStealth V2.76 (EP Section: rsrr). This means emule.exe is done with exeprotector "ExeStealth". Normally eMule builds and mods are not protected that you can look into the code. The possibility is given that these mods hide somewhat unpleasant.
The logic that the exeprotecion is done cause of hack protection is far. eMule is Freeware there will not exist any interests to hack it.

You can test all exe, dll files by self using: ExeInfo PE by A.S.L. or any other exe info tools of your choice and decide if you use this protected programs or not!
Usually only Shareware and pay Software is protected against hacking/cracking.

Download: (4.31 MB) - Mirror - Mirror - (DDL)

Old Version:
eMule 0.48a Fireball v2.0

This mod is not bad. We will try to post more releaser mods! Without releasers eMule will be poor, but releasers want to have of course some privacy to a maximum of possible Identity protections.

Dieser Umb. ist nicht schlecht. Wir versuchen, mehr Releaser mods bekanntzugeben! Ohne Releasers ist eMule schlecht, aber Releasers möchten selbstverständlich etwas Privatleben zu einem Maximum der möglichen Identität Schutze haben.

Esta MOD no es mala. ¡Intentaremos fijar más mods del disparador! Sin los disparadores el eMule será pobre, pero los disparadores desean tener por supuesto cierta aislamiento a un máximo de las protecciones posibles de la identidad.

Этот мод не плохой. Мы постараемся после более releaser дополнения! Без размыкателя eMule будет бедных, размыкателя но хочу, конечно, довольно часто на максимально возможной защиты личности.

Ce mod n'est pas mauvais. Nous essayerons de signaler plus de mods de releaser ! Sans releasers l'eMule sera pauvre, mais les releasers veulent avoir naturellement de l'intimité à un maximum des protections possibles d'identité.

这是算不坏. 我们会尝试更多职位排风MODS的! 无释Emule来会很差, 但释想拥有的,当然也有一些隐私被处以最高可能的身份保护.


WebZA said...

Valued Blog Access Group

We are between 2000 and 3000 uniqued visitors daily since a while! We can be very proud of it.
There is no needz 2 talk, discuss and comment negativ of other sites.

I moderate the comments and edit the last entries 2morrow cause I'm not on my PC now.

Thanks publisher. Good job but please let in future other sites out. All visitors see by self whats going on.



Anonymous said...

Is there a chance to hack the "Releaser-features"???

Anonymous said...

Please describe in detail what should be done.
I think it's possible on another place, far east, to give access of some hacked builds.


Anonymous said...

Are the "Release Crew Features" not on by default?

Anonymous said...

No see:
Those Features are only for Release-Crews. Non-Releasers usually don't need most of those Features. There is also a chance that average users could abuse those Features.
We hope you understand this.

Release-Crews who are interested in an own mod with those Features of eMule Fireball and have eventually some more Feature-Requests please contact "Ekliptor" via PM in the Forum.

Hack but:
Futuremods declares that without a previous arrangement and written permission of the modder, changes on this eMule modification, even particularly, are forbidden and have legal consequences!

It's still opensource and the src must be on them site so what should they do?

To be really sure put it on a Chinese Host offshore. Also Korean Host is possible.

Let a email here to give access.

Anonymous said...

Can't do emule commercial as they want. There is no risk at all to do changes.

Anonymous said...

"We hope you understand this."
no sorry english don't understand.

Those Features are only for Release-Crews

will/must be:

Those Features are for every Releaser.

someone have some time on the comming weekend to correct it's error!?

Anonymous said...

look here if you never try unpacking before:

Anonymous said...

please continue discussion in our bbs

Anonymous said...

my way: need to clean up and do new imports sec
EOF and imports + clean shit from ExeStealth if want execute it.
will do this after the changes and cut after it the no more needed username field in menu out before finalize it.

I go to the forum no sure its the same i saw in 2 forums

Anonymous said...

unhook last (rsrr) can del it.
Virtuall Offset V .Size |
RaW Data - RaW Size Name
00001000 - 0030F000 | 00000400 - 0030F000 .text
00310000 - 000AA000 | 0030F400 - 000AA000 .rdata
003BA000 - 00236000 | 003B9400 - 00236000 .data
005F0000 - 001AD000 | 005EF400 - 001AD000 .rsrc
0079D000 - 00002000 | 0079C400 - 00002000 rsrr

Anonymous said...

I advice to forget such shit emules done with exe protector can't be good who knows whats inside else. Maybe conected to RIAA
Use any other good releaser mods strongly recommended!!!
Good coders who have nothing to hide give you a clean exe without protection.
EXE Protections are done to hide something inside the emule.exe. Be aware!!!

webza said...

Whatever you do with it. It's not our business to correct other developers doing here on this place. Please discuss this in forums. We don't publish any re-moded emule builds here.
If you guys found any
suspicious things in emule mods we will appreciate to inform us!



Anonymous said...

They create Dazzle no share (leecher) options in emule but Releaser options are limited. Can't understand it why not more powerfull releaser mods for everyone? Im seeking a good releaser mod emule 0.48 too

Anonymous said...

this is what I need:

Don't publish Files via Server
Don't publish Files via Kad

Can anyone enable it?

Anonymous said...

Is there a forum (with people of this Blog) to discuss? Pls tell me the URL! Thanx in advance!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone can give a IRC channel or put a link to a privat chatroom to the blog for visitors to discuss???

thought not to difficult to put some sort of javacode more in...

Anonymous said...

Never again initialized a domain or url to some webhosts otherwise old known troubles are faster back as ever before. Once all dedicated ip's used. Chatroom follow for this blog. Old members known

IlLusioN said...

chto ti imeesh v vidy? kakoi vopros tebya interesyet?
a ti kto?

Anonymous said...

Sorry no public bbs forums have in english

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