Wednesday, July 4, 2007

eMule 0.48a beba 1.41

Tuxman's eMule beba [the beta edition]
v1.41 [the beta edition]:
Outside the weather goes crazy, so do I: here's a new beba version.
No new features nor important bugfixes, though; if 1.4 runs fine for you, you don't need this version. Nevertheless some of you noticed that beba's new upload slot system doesn't work as great as the old one, so I merged it back. Have fun. :)

* June 24 2007

- improved: added guide how to determine your connection speed [Tuxman]
- improved: changed default nick to beba's website [Tuxman]

- fix: Kademlia prefs directory under Vista [godlaugh2007]
- fix: merged Slot Control back to beba's old 1.3 base [Tuxman]
* SHOULD fix all slot glitches; please let me know if it works better for you.

- changed: added readme/ directory for changelogs and the new readme file [Tuxman]
- changed: the Slot Control value is only used if Slot Focus is disabled [Tuxman]

Tuxman's eMule beba [the bullet-proof edition]
v1.4 [the bullet-proof edition]:
Welcome to eMule 0.48a!
Note that the SLS system has been changed, so all currently saved sources will be lost!

* June 02 2007

- merged: eMule 0.48a

- added: LowID to HighID auto callback (L2HAC) [Xanatos]
* without a prefs option; why should anyone want to disable it?
- added: searchCatch [SLUGFILLER]

- improved: added checkbox to switch logging of Kad security events [Tuxman]
- improved: added some #pragma stuff to avoid obsolete 4702 warnings [Tuxman]
- improved: inform sources of the new ID after a reconnect [Xanatos/Spike2]
- improved: optimization for large shared file list [leuk_he]
- improved: optimizations for socket SendTo functions [BlueSonicBoy]

- fix: client/queue list bug [Xman]
- fix: fix for corrupt PreferencesKad.dat [NetFinity]
- fix: Infinite Queue [SLUGFILLER]
- fix: small fix in SharedDirsTreeCtrl.cpp [Tuxman]
- fix: some things found while compiling in debug mode [Tuxman, thx to JvA]

- changed: default "max. connections" value increased to 15000 [Tuxman]
- changed: readded old MiniMule prefs icon [Tuxman]
- changed: spreadReask [SLUGFILLER]
- changed: updated emulations to newest client versions [Spike2, Tuxman]
* released in the beba Easter Edition mod before (no longer available!)

- removed: fix for startupload [Xman]

- updated: Dynamic Block Request to newest Spike2 codebase [NetFinity]
- updated: Slot Control to newest X-Ray CVS codebase [JvA]
- updated: SLS to newest X-Ray CVS codebase [Spike2]


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