Monday, August 3, 2009

TinyURL Decoder UserScript with LinkBee support for

Based on - + Linkbee implementation in all known kinds

update 2009/Aug/3th

* 2009/Jul/22nd 23:00 JST Removed and Recovered
* 2009/Jul/22nd 14:00 JST Fixed the pattern for Added the pattern for Replace from "&" to "&"
* 2009/Aug/3th 23:43 JST Added all variations of again

Site Screenshot after full clean up from unnecessary content [use zoom]
Skips linked Ads (pay for click ca$h) pages and writes the direct link on sites.
Mirror | Mirror

Note: to make it work on sites with referrer protection such as forums and wordpress php websites mostly, you need in addition SkipRedirect Slim | Mirror
New Anti-Disabler by tomchen1989 is recommended to install which enable context menus and text selection

works on Greasmonkey for Firefox, SeaMonkey and with plugin/addon on MAC Safari

REM: there exist another script which look up for downloadable matching links and draws/inserts them as clickable links on sites where the content/changelog/nfo's/title/meta tag title etc... match from several search queries... as by, and other forums with no permission, hidden links [/hide feature] or missing links. In addition useful to increase the display contrast white to darken for Greasemonkey and Opera users.
It makes the browsing experience easier on the eyes, and it saves energy with CRT monitors.
Hint search on eMule share incomplete extended

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