Monday, August 17, 2009

MAC OSX Apple Theme for Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and 3.7pre Alpha Builds - tab browsing preview compatible Minefield, Namoroka, Electrolysis, etc...

ImageBanana - alltab.jpg
ImageBanana - alltabshow3.jpg
AllTab + CTRL+TAB preview tabs behavior
Bug 473152 - Aero Glass clips panel content fix included.

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ImageBanana - ctrltab.jpg
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ImageBanana - alltapshow.jpg

How to enable Tab previews in Firefox 3.6 Switching with Keyboard shortcut {by more than 2 Tabs open} and preview by AllTabs Button click read here

install/download: Install the MAC OSX Theme for Fx 3.6pre - Fx 3.7pre | Mirror

install/download: Install the Noia2 eXtreme 3.69 Theme Fx 3.6pre - Fx 3.7pre | Mirror

How to enable Dynamic Theme switching without Browser restart

Change in installation folder for example Program Files\Minefield\defaults\pref\firefox.js
in the file firefox.js with notepad better notepad2 this value in from false to true:

pref("extensions.dss.enabled", false); // Dynamic Skin Switching
pref("extensions.dss.enabled", true); // Dynamic Skin Switching

Firefox must be close, start firefox, now you can switch the themes (limits some theme specific settings might required a restart to show effect)
ImageBanana - skinswitching.jpg

How to use Aero Default Theme without having Vista (Blue nicer look instead of old Greeen)

ImageBanana - Unbenannt.png

copy/overwrite the full content files and subfolders from


open: toolkit.jar in chrome folder ie.: \Program Files\Minefield\chrome\toolkit.jar
move and replace the content with subfolders \toolkit.jar\skin\classic\aero\*.*
to: toolkit.jar\skin\classic\ (the two folders under aero called mozapps and global a level up and replace them there)

How to Disable GEO IP API in Firefox permanent - How to Enable HTML5

In Your install folder for example:
\Program Files\Minefield\greprefs\all.js
edit with notepad2 the file all.js

on the very last (at the button)

Change this entries

// Enable/Disable the geolocation API for content
pref("geo.enabled", true);

// Enable/Disable HTML5 parser
pref("html5.enable", false);


// Enable/Disable the geolocation API for content
pref("geo.enabled", false);

// Enable/Disable HTML5 parser
pref("html5.enable", true);

using 7zip on windows for .jar compressed archives is recommended!

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