Monday, August 31, 2009

Chromium (Developer-Build) Portable Enhanced

Chromium: (Entwickler-Build 25xxx)
WebKit: 532.0
V8: 1.3.9

DL Builds:;O=D
List of switches:

Portable Launcher:

Add in portable launcher, monitor clipboard about: {pages} to open by startup

Add option to clear Cookies by Browser Startup to the PortableChromium.ini settings

Clean localStorage folder and debug.log if ClearCacheOnStartup=True in PortableChromium.ini


changed the URL scheme of the text from about:net-internal to view-net-internal

Add an auto-update 'update extensions now' button to chrome://extensions page

Show extensions on top with toolbar.

Add a button to chrome://extensions/ that allows easy packing of extensions into crx files.
TEST=Create a sample extension, pack it, then try to install it. Update packaging and getting started pages to feature new Extensions page buttons (rather than the command line).

Add skeleton for an about:net-internal page. This page contains low-level debug information that is of interest to power users, and bug investigators. The output can be filtered by using special sub-URLs. The sub-URLs themselves are listed when visiting about:net-internal, but to give an idea: about:net-internal -- everything about:net-internal/proxyservice -- all things proxy about:net-internal/proxyservice.config -- current settings about:net-internal/hostresolver.hostcache -- dns cache

Create the download folder if it doesn't exist.

Update V8 to version 1.3.9.
This version contains: API optimizations, Object creation optimizations, Enabling of missing optimizations on 64-bit port, Bug fix for forceful JS execution termination


portable with UserScripts {made with autohotkey}:
DownloadBuild 253xx


file syncapi.dll replaced with Google Chrome's syncapi.dll to make sync work with Google Accounts. Add Youtube userscript, Changed Deutsch Language to match in option menu, add some missing translations. hide-js-popups.user.js set timer show up higher user input request button 'unblock popup'.
(adjust it 2 ur needs 4 selection time i.e. AutoPagerize menu/youtube menu.
Edit hide-js-popups.user.js in line var timeout = )

chrome.dll anonymizer patch
removes the creation and reading of local state in chrome.dll file where the user id and time stamp are stored. removes usage of rlz.dll tracking if present.

or only anonymizer patch [let chrome create local state w/o unique user id and timestamp]
in entry section: user_experience_metrics in the file 'local state'
remover client_id and client_id_timestamp:
"user_experience_metrics": {
- "client_id": "x",
- "client_id_timestamp": "x",
- rlz tracking rt

45.00 KB

[sample] Extensions:

How to make a portable Chrome (Google Chrome - Chromium)

1. Download so called 'offline' installer, by chromium take the .zip package
2. unpack/extract the content (it's 7zip kind of) with uniextract
3. unpack/extract if there is any packed .7z inside as well till you get the files.
4. select the files to replace in the portable version exactly the same folder tree

rem1: overwrite syncapi.dll from google chrome with chromium (see smaller filesize) loose google bookmark sync, so use google chrome's syncapi.dll (check for valid file signature)
rem2: crash-service.exe, rlz.dll you may not need
rem3: if u care about file size don't overwrite \resources\inspector\Images
the png's in portable are optimized to less than the half filesize using optipng -

you do not need any profile files (no files in profile folder), chrome creates them by self by a fresh run except the files in \User Scripts if you want to keep user scripts. In a short faq: Q: my portable chrome comes with files in profile folder why? A: the creator want to give u his bookmarks, homepage and settings.

The important main thing in portable launcher is a user customizable launcher support in a ini all upcoming switches and is capable to clean browser catch database + files (local storage folder by chrome dependent on switch), cookies. As this one above updated.

If you fear about user privacy concern by chrome, before using one of the popular anonymity tools (in detail its all about one file called 'local state'), I advice to have a look into chrome.dll with a hexviewer. It's easier and better to remove user id, rlz, timestamp and co inside there once as running another tool required to run again and again. You can do a file compare with every search replace pattern patcher and build an universal patcher. Another way will be to compile it without, or extend launcher to erase/replace 'local state' file and delete maybe rlz.dll, if present as well.
In fact all browsers have something like that user experience metrics, feedback feature inside.
Chrome has a very low memory consume compared with others, a big part of mem usage is on plugins such as flash by 20 and more mb.

How to update portable

Video Tutorial Download 14.43 MiB;O=D

Tutorial avi (use working builds) 5.26 MiB

Chrome XP builds from 2563x to 258?x crash on XP

Portable Features read more

Chrome, Google Chrome, Chromium Portable Launcher with support for all switches -- stored in a 'PortableChromium.ini'. Extended with some features such as: - delete cookies - delete browser cache by browser start.

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