Tuesday, August 25, 2009

eMule 0.49c Xtreme 7.2 -LPE- optimized Mod - the smallest eMule 0.49c is born!

The smallest eMule 0.49c is born today. In a size of only 2,74 MB (2.880.512 Bytes) eMule 0.49c Xtreme -LPE- lite micro µ compaired to the double sized official emule 0.49c.

Without upx which will be very tiny size upx'ed below 1 MB!

Latest Changelog:
+ Added new Modname -LPE- for Lite Privat Edition
+ Switch for disable list icons [Antares]
+ Changed Client-Percentage in Downloadclients
+ Whois
(we have no Ip2Country, with Whois we can easy check where a client come from)
+ Show Session Runtime on Title (Show Rates on Title must be enabled)
(to disable set: preferences.ini->ShowRuntimeOnTitle=0)
- Removed accepting only Upload clients who asked within last 30min [Mephisto/Stulle]
(to enable again set: preferences.ini->DisableUlThreshold=1)


Xtreme 7.2 -LPE- 2,74 MB (2.880.512 Bytes) without UPX | DDL Mirror1

ed2k downloads:



With upx 3.03 (upx.exe --ultra-brute --compress-icons=1 emule.exe): Xtreme 7.2 -LPE- upx 948 KB (971.264 bytes) | DDL

I think morph4u codded a Guinness World Record of the smallest eMule mod in codebase version 0.49

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