Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gmail Checker 2.1 beta Deutsch - Español - British | Firefox Extension | Gmail Checker for Google Chrome

Gmail Checker version 2.1 beta is available.

New features:

* option to check mail in Gmail's mail fetcher accounts
* toolbar button
* option to show messages in the main menu as in version 1 instead of in the submenu (see screenshot)

Update: 20/8/2009

You can get the the final beta here. If everything's fine release v2.1 sometime this weekend with en-GB only.


With Español and German Language Translation files next to Brits locals:

Descargar/Download/Install: Gmail Checker version 2.1 beta
Google Mail Checker Deutsch/German - Español/España - British/English
gmailchecker-2.1-GB-ES-DE-fx.xpi size 30,3 KB (31.112 bytes)

older Version:
gmailchecker-2.1.xpi size 32,3 KB (33.084 bytes)
gmailchecker-2.0.91.xpi size 33,5 KB (34.320 bytes)

Firefox Add-on compatible for Firefox Version 2.0 to 3.7 Minefield

src: gmail-checker-src.7z size 44,7 KB (45.773 bytes)

Gmail Checker for Google Chrome:
English gmailchecker.crx

How Google Mail Checker work:

Gmail Checker login via Gmail Atom / Rss Newsfeed (have 20 entries) therefore the limit to 20 latest Emails. The communication can be set from http to https secure login.

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