Sunday, August 23, 2009

GrayFox Theme for Firefox 3.7 pre builds

GrayFox Theme Fx 3.7.1 Based on GrayFox for firefox 3.5.2. A very clean coded Skin for Firefox!
by sjcmankimo.

Here with some adjustments you may wish to have if you run later Firefox builds such as pre and test builds.

ImageBanana - screenshot1.png ImageBanana - screenshot2.png


Global Font size to default 11px
Bookmark toolbar/personal toolbar added a white shadow to the font
Added favicon view on bookmark bar

New feature: AllTabs and Ctl+Tab preview 'Glass' look with search feature

Fx 3.6 pre to Fx 3.7 alpha 1 pre, 3.6 alpha 2 pre, latest 3.5.3 pre Shiretoko, Minefield, Electrolysis, Namoroka etc...

fx builds:

Install/Download (size 547 KB): Install GrayFox Theme for Fx 3.6pre - Fx 3.7pre | Mirror | Download


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