Thursday, August 20, 2009

Google Chrome Portable - New: switches stored in a ini

Portable edition of Google Chrome extended

- Profile folder next to chrome folder
- No RLZ-Tracking (removed in this portable edition -> see Iron)
- No Error Reporting (see Iron)
- No Google Updater
- No Client-ID (by each Browser start like with UnChrome - Anonymize Google Chrome but automatically erase the id)
- No Timestamp (see Iron, the timestamp via Local State by each Browser start reset)
- Adblocker, Flashblocker from Lex1, skip redirects, Show original image size and image meta info on pictures, hide popups, skip linkbee redirect waiting time on download links, show password on mouse over ***
- User-Agent, the loader send Internet Explorer 8
- No 3th party links in the gui or bookmarks added
- No pre modded startup page with changed Thumbnails previews and favicons added
- No oversize unoptimized sqlite 3 databases, Chrome creates them by self include a dictionary. A portable version don't need more size as 10 - 11 mb 7zip.

Rem: 21.08.2009

After a closer look in the compiled binary chrome.dll, can be easy eliminated Local State [client-id, timestamp] as well RLZ feature and the call to rlz runtime.

copy /y locals~1 Profile
cd Chrome
chrome.exe --enable-sync --renderer-startup-dialog --plugin-startup-dialog --disable-logging --enable-fastback --always-enable-dev-tools --no-first-run --enable-remote-fonts --enable-web-resources --disable-new-tab-first-run --no-default-browser-check --thumbnail-store --enable-xss-auditor --enable-tabtastic2 --search-in-omnibox-hint --enable-local-storage --enable-session-storage --enable-databases --enable-application-cache --enable-renderer-accessibility --enable-user-scripts --enable-extensions --user-data-dir="../Profile" --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/531.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.3 Safari/531.9.1"
some switches need at least the latest trunk build to compile! for example: --tabtastic2

BleachBit will be good if it will support the default Chrome Profile folder to vacuum all sqlite databases same as by Firefox.
For example file \Profile\Safe Browsing Bloom
ImageBanana - vacuumdb.png

The database was compacted using VACUUM statement.
Before compacting:
Page Count = 14703
Database Size = 15055872 bytes
After compacting:
Page Count = 9313
Database Size = 9536512 bytes

Popup Blocker:
ImageBanana - popupblocker.jpg

How to operate Adblock and element block:
Click Alt + B on the advertisement. If you click and hold Alt, then will not count/show the number of elements on the page, which is sometimes useful. Alt + E allows you to edit or delete styles.

How to Operate FlashBlock:
Blocks Flash, similar as the expansion Flashblock. Turn off/on the flash on the current site, using hotkey Alt + F while holding over a flash element or click on the (play) symbol on flash elements to start them (same as in opera turbo).

Show original Image size / Zoom on re-sized images and show meta info as tooltip in websites:
Hold mouse cursor over an image and press shift key.

How to operate show passwords in form fields:
Hold mouse over input box, the ***** becomes readable Password.

Highlights in short:

+ enabled user scripts in profile folder
+ enabled extensions
+ send IE 8 as User Agent
+ Overwrite unique user id and info with null each time Chrome start
+ added Adblock, Flashblock, Element hider,...etc...


ImageBanana - synch2.png

Google Chrome portable loader with Bookmarks Sync Feature (place in main folder next to Chromeloader.exe)

ImageBanana - synch.png

ImageBanana - chromeblack.jpg

extensions, themes,...

Chrome with BlacKity Black Theme from: PAEz or Glow looks very nice

older Versions

Google Chrome (Build 24080 | 24081)
WebKit 532.0
V8 1.3.4

about pages:
about:memory | about:dns | about:cache | about:stats | about:network | about:plugins | about:histograms | about:crash

made with Bat to Exe Converter from, all credits to f2ko

Google Chrome Changelogs:

Full Command line list with description for all switches in this build chrome/common/chrome_switches.h: | Read from cache

New switches saved in a ini (thanks to
PortableChromium.7z 10.23 MB | 下載文件 PortableChromium.7z (10.23 MB) | DDL1 | DDL2 | DDL3 | DDL4

latest launcher as bat file: chromeold.bat mirror

Source code cvs:

Latest svn - Revision 24078 extensions



png's are optimized in size with optipnp

other test extensions:

Latest Version link:

Portable launcher made with Autoit. Src is included.

How to update portable

Video Tutorial Download 14.43 MiB;O=D

Tutorial avi (use working builds) 5.26 MiB

Chrome XP builds from 2563x to 258?x crash on XP

Portable Features read more

Chrome, Google Chrome, Chromium Portable Launcher with support for all switches -- stored in a 'PortableChromium.ini'. Extended with some features such as: - delete cookies - delete browser cache by browser start.

Chrome is open source and Google Chrome and Google™ is a Trademark of Google Inc., Google Chrome.

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