Sunday, August 30, 2009

Google Chrome Allow Right-Click - "Allow right mouse click" menu and selection - Extension - UserScript - Bookmarklet v0.0.1

New for Google Chrome as userscript and extension - Allow Right-click - Google Chrome Anti Right click menu and selection disabler

Some pages stupidly disallow right-clicks, usually in a vain attempt to prevent you from viewing the html source or copying the images. Use this bookmarklet, userscript or extension to restore that ability. Also restores the ability to select text on the page.

Anti right mouse click disabler - (page content selection and context menus without --disable-javascript)
as bookmarklet: Allow Right-click [drag'n drop to bookmark bar in ff, ie, opera, safari, chrome, etc...]
download/install userscript: AllowRight-click.user.js | Mirror

As Extension: AllowRight-Click.crx | Mirror: AllowRight-Click.crx

( all credits for the test & demo pages to: )

ImageBanana - Unbenannt.png

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Looking for something like tinyurl decoder for Chrome compatible script!
Here a bookmarklet I could found but it don't decode all urls.
Long URL Please [drag'n drop to the bookmark bar]

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