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cFosSpeed 4.52 build 1509 Latest Callhome free

cFosSpeed - Faster Internet with Traffic Shaping

Traffic Shaping for everybody!

cFosSpeed is a Traffic Shaping driver for DSL modems and older routers without QoS engine Management. It have a nice skinnable upload-, download speed graph and shows the number of connections as well ping time and many more... cFosSpeed comes with a small firewall feature. System wide ip filter,... Advantage with console operation shows the full range of features.
It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server and
Windows Vista.

Internet acceleration and advanced Traffic Shaping for

USB DSL Modems
LAN DSL Modems
ISDN Cards


- Dynamic up- and downstream Traffic Shaping
- Status window in both numerical and graphical display (with multiple skins)
- Highly responsive when used with Peer-to-Peer networks like eMule Kazaa,
- Fully compatible with conventional PPPoE drivers

- Self-calibrating, self-optimizing
- Automatic router detection
- Freely configurable priority classes (with five already preconfigured)
- Traffic Shaping parameters, all adjustable on the fly
- Comprehensive diagnosis and logging options

cFosSpeed 4.52 build 1509 is the latest Callhome svr check free Version
Later Builds have a server reg. user auth ip Key record check > Callhome

What's new? cFosSpeed


* New feature
+ Improvement
! Software change requires modification of your configuration
x Bugfix
- Information only

Revision history: ---------------------------------------------------------

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1508

- When installing, cFosSpeed no longer asks for the default shaping algorithm,
but instead uses the variable shaper. If you want to use the fixed shaper
instead, you can change this setting under Settings, Preferences, Traffic
Shaping Mode and for each connection individually under Connections when
you click on the toolkit icon.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1507

- Added trace output to aid debugging a rare bluescreen.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1506

x Bugfixes for gaming mode.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1505

+ Finally added auto-hide on fullscreen to the skin window. Thanks to
Richard B. (dj deipotent), who provided the code for this feature.
cFosSpeed automatically closes the skin windows, if an application
(e.g. a game) switches to fullscreen mode. It opens the window after
fullscreen mode is exited if the last time it was opened was automatically.
To disable this feature, set the key "hide_on_fullscreen" in the section for
the respective skin window/network card in cfosspeed.ini to 0.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1504

x Favour ping time mode is no longer switched off with each installation.
Thanks to prophecy.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1502

x Sometimes cFosSpeed crashed when changing certain gset variables. This
bug was introduced in build 1501. Fixed.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1501

+ Added new global setting "bulk_detect", which is 1 by default. Switch it
off to prevent cFosSpeed from guessing if certain l7-protocols (like IRC,
Telnet, file sharing) are in bulk mode, i.e. transferring large amounts of

+ Added -tcp-lport, -udp-lport and -lport to match local ports and -tcp-rport,
-udp-rport and -rport to match remote ports.

x Fixed "spd medium" command.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1499

x Fixed problems with memory allocation.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1498

x Fixed a crash when machine wakes up from hibernation. Thanks to Eric
Fraser for dumps.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1497

+ In preferences you can now set the source block list file for the 'ipfilter'
iplist that is used by default to filter packets.

x When a iplist has become empty (i.e. because the source block list file has
been removed from the [iplist] section), the iplist is now unloaded from

x Reloading the blocker list files will now reload filters on all ports to
reflect the change.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1496

- Added code for post mortem debugging.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1495

x Fixes for "spd reload -iplist".

x Fixed default iplist rules in settings.ini to not block packets from/to
our own subnet.

x Added out-of-memory handling while loading iplists.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1494

* cFosSpeed can now block huge lists of IP-addresses the same way IP-Blockers
like Protowall and Peerguradian support them. All traffic to or from one of
the listed addresses is blocked. We call those lists "iplists".

It works like this: cFosSpeed supports these iplists through two filter
expressions: -s-iplist and -d-iplist. They are already set by default in

The filters -s-iplist and -d-iplist accept as a second parameter an iplist
name. The default name used in settings.ini is "ipfilter". In the [iplist]
section in settings.ini or user.ini you must specify the iplist names with
the corresponding IP block list files that contain the IP-ranges to be
blocked. These block lists are not supplied with cFosSpeed.

An example excerpt from settings.ini:
filter=-tx -d-iplist ipfilter -c drop
filter=-rx -s-iplist ipfilter -c drop


This will read both files and make them available as iplist named 'ipfilter'.
This iplist is used by default to filter packets to the drop queue, i.e. to
discard them. Use "spd reload -iplist" to reload the iplists from the source

for more. Thanks to esz for the idea.

x Fixed budget graph bug. Thanks to Marco Pietri.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1493

- Added more debugging output to help finding "Driver not loaded" problems.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1492

+ Added help texts for global variables dump_sessions and passthru. Use e.g.
"spd gset passthru /?" to get help.

x If the cfosspeed.ini file was saved as non-unicode, it was not changed to
unicode later. This could cause a problem, when unicode filenames were
tried to save. Fixed.

x If the measured delay was too high the fixed shaping algorithm now lowers
txspeed more, even if we attained a higher speed some time before. This
should guard better against measurement or calculation errors.

- The variable strict_rtp_check is now 0 by default. If you experience
many unexpected RTP packets in l7-protocol detection, you may want to switch
it back on.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1491

+ Added new filter option "-force-set-class". By setting this option in a
filter expression you can force cfosspeed to set the class of this filter
as the main class of the TCP/UDP connection this packet belongs to.
section "RX-priorisation" for more details. Thanks to GB W for inspiration.

x Fixed potentially serious bug in interlocked handling.

x Now handle_mss is 0 by default, i.e. TCP MSS is not changed by cFosSpeed.
This should fix problems with some strange web sites.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1489

+ New language: Vietnamese! That makes a total of 19 languages supported.
Even more languages are downloadable from our web site, here:

x Relaxed CPU load needed for program name queries on routed UDP traffic.
Thanks to GB W for help.

x Overview of active connections should have less "Unknown" program names now.

x Fixed a crash when loading x64 version of cFosSpeed. Thanks to Szymon
Haiduk for the dump file.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1488

x Fixed bug in dialogs introduced in build 1487.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1487

+ Nicer budget graphics; the usage graph can now also display the total
transmitted/received number of bytes. This is now the default.

+ Added additional way of allocation to relieve non-paged pool.

x Expanded and fixed "spd tvstat" counters.

x Added more debug output when driver could not be loaded.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1486

x RTP statistics were not printed when there were no RTCP sessions. Fixed.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1485

x RTP detection bug fix.

x UDP checksum errors were counted but not printed. Fixed.

x UDP packets without checksum are now properly handled.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1484

- The global parameter dump_arp is now 0 by default.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1483

x Fixed bug in handling of out-of-memory.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1482

+ Added support for VLAN tags. You can filter on VLAN packets with -is-vlan,
-vlan-prio and -vlan-id filters. And you can specify VLAN priority and ID
to be set for each traffic class.

x Tried to fix a psched.sys crash. Thanks to Kai for dump file.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1481

- Changed compiler settings to aid debugging.

cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1480

x The variable shaper sent pings all the time, even if there was no traffic
otherwise. This has been fixed. Thanks to Octavian for the report.

cFosSpeed 4.50 build 1456 -- 10-Feb-2009

+ Added new skin: "LC History"; it's like our well-known Liquid Crystal skin,
but with a history that scrolls to the left.

+ Added Layer-7 detection for large HTTP downloads (client & server).
HTTP transfers which take more than 1 sec. at full speed are now
classified as HTTP_C_BULK / HTTP_S_BULK and have low priority as
default. You can change the priority in the Layer-7 Protocol prioritization

+ Speeded memory allocation.

+ Improved detection of packets that NDIS sends erroneously to cFosSpeed.

x Added better handling of multiple but different SYN segments and improved
recovery after ACK for unsent data. Thanks to khashayar zayyani for help.

x Fixed a crash with Cisco Systems VPN Client. Thanks to Hardi Trenkel for
crash dump file.

x Adapters were sometimes unbound too fast, which caused Windows problems.

x It seems some networks trash the Ping IP packet when they return it to the
sender and cFosSpeed couln't find the replies in its lists. Thus, we
relaxed the check a bit. Thanks to Deepak for bug report.

x Tried to fix problem with socket error sending pings that caused ping
balloons. Thanks to yen linh for report.

x Fixed a bug where cFosSpeed would not properly reset the 'bridged'
setting when the router resets while cFosSpeed is running. Thanks to 4wd
for bug report and testing.

x Sometimes HTTP, SSL and SSH non-BULK l7-protocols would stay on default
priority even if the l7-protocol priority was set to high. Fixed. Thanks
to mumia for bug report.

x Fixed a crash under Vista that would close spd.exe. Thanks to SyntaX.

x Fixed x64 installer: now it pops up UAC dialog under Vista to make you full
Admin. This bug was introduced in build 1433.

x Fixed some Windows object security problems.

x L7 protocols SSL_C, SSL_S and SSH sometimes switched between _BULK and
regular versions periodically. This has been amended.

- Removed obsolete NDIS handler.

- Removed speed.gadget from distribution. It can now be downloaded from
our website.


News Source Key + link:
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cFosSpeed 4.52 Build 1509.rar 2.23 MB 32 bit

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cFosSpeed 4.51 Build 1508 Beta-FULL.rar 2.24 MB x86
cfosspeed-v451-build1506.exe 2.29 MB x86
cFosSpeed 4.51 Build 1504 Beta-Full.rar 2.26 MB x86
cFosSpeed 4.51 Build 1502 Beta-Full.rar 2.26 MB x86
cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1501-Full.rar 2.26 MB x86 2.41 MB 64bit 2.25 MB x86
cFosSpeed 4.51 Build 1491 Beta-Full.rar 2.39 MB x86
cFosSpeed 4.51 Build 1489 Beta-Full.rar 4.64 MB 64bit + x86
cFosSpeed 4.51 build 1481 64+32bit.rar 4.58 MB 64bit + x86
cFosSpeed 4.50 Build 1458-Full.rar 2.17 MB x86
cFosSpeed 4.50 Build 1456 FINAL.rar 4.53 MB 64bit + x86

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