Friday, August 14, 2009

Opera 10.00 Unite Beta 3 - Build 1708

Unite is not a part of Opera 10.00 beta. For those who want to test that, please download one of the builds below instead of the official beta 3. These builds are basically the same as beta 3, only with Unite included.

# The discovery of other Opera Unite instances on your local network should behave now (and be quiet if it's asked to)
# Opera's reconnection strategy in case of connection problems is now more flexible
# The services look even shinier - with an extra touch of Opera styling


* Stability work: Several common crashes fixed
* Many Qt4 stability fixes
* More Unite polishing
* Skin improvements, including fixing the new tab button for visual tabs
* Print selection should now be fixed
* Alt+Shift to switch languages should be working

Download Snapshot With Unite

* Windows MSI / Windows Classic
* Macintosh (Intel-only) / Macintosh (Universal)
* UNIX/Linux

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