Sunday, August 30, 2009

Google Chrome Portable extended

Google Chrome (Offizieller Build 24690)
WebKit: 532.0
V8: 1.3.8
User Agent (dependence on PortableChromium.ini settings): Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/531.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.3 Safari/531.9.1


Portable Launcher
Switches to start chrome can be saved in a ini file [ PortableChromium.ini ]
ClearCacheOnStartup + ClearProfileOnStartup can be enabled / see PortableChromium.ahk in PortableChromium\Src folder

optimizedb.bat [run when chrome is not running]
vacuum / optimize all sqlite3 databases in Chrome portable profile folder such as 'Safe Browsing Bloom' and the subdir files such as history, thumbs,... for faster startup, better performance.

DefaultBrowser (v1.8)
More information at

Switches: [add -- in front of a command switch, ie.: --wininet-ftp]

enabled: Cached Theme Images, localStorage, HTML5 DB support, syncing bookmarks, fastback page cache, support for cached byte-ranges, ThumbnailStore,...
ImageBanana - Unbenannt.png
Added userscripts:
AutoPagerize ( - -*[oAutoPagerize] -
google Enhanced BLACK
Super Linkifier (like Linkification by Firefox)
Multi Engine Searcher
Hide js-popups 1.0.6 (can cause incompatibility with AutoPagerize Menu)
AdBlock+ 1.1.1 (see homepage for settings)
GMail Professional skin 3
Gmail Air Skin 2 (with ads-block)
FlashBlock 1.2.10 (see homepage for settings)
Mouse over password (like unhide passwords for Firefox)
Skip Redirect Slim
Skip redirect waiting time // by linkbucks it's frame id 2
Display original image

New for Google Chrome as userscript - Allow Right-click - Google Chrome Anti Right click menu and selection disabler
Some pages stupidly disallow right-clicks, usually in a vain attempt to prevent you from viewing the html source or copying the images. Use this bookmarklet or userscript to restore that ability. Also restores the ability to select text on the page.
Anti right mouse click disabler - (page content selection and context menus without --disable-javascript) as bookmarklet: Allow Right-click
download/install userscript: AllowRight-click.user.js | Mirror

As Extension: AllowRight-Click.crx | Mirror: AllowRight-Click.crx

(all credits for the testpage to

ImageBanana - Unbenannt.png

other usefully things:

looking for:
Chrome compatible TinyURL Decoder script

Unique User-ID, Timestamp, RLZ Tracking,
Error Reporting, Google Updater,...
as mentioned here: does not exist in portable and/or have been removed in the program.

For older Chrome exist custom compiled chrome.dll's: ChromePlus

Customizable Adblock + Flashblock are added.
User-Agent can be set in PortableChromium.ini

No 3th party Links or Bookmarks added

PortableChromium- 10.48 MB | Mirror 下載文件 PortableChromium- (10.48 MB) | DDL1 | DDL2

more nfo and older build

Hide js-popups 1.0.6


can cause problem with AutoPagerize menu on top right side and others:

ImageBanana - 1pop.pngImageBanana - 3pop.pngImageBanana - 2pop.png

to disable if the delay time is to short, move this user script to another folder \bak from default \Profile\Default\User Scripts or erase hide-js-popups.user.js

The Launcher I used is the most customizable. Support all startup parameter, can clean cache (temp) by each startup. Userscripts I enabled by default, I prefer to use userscripts instead of visiting many sites and install by a new setup all extensions again. Userscripts stay sorted in a folder and much more compact (portable) for usage without the needs for relative config paths as by addons/extensions required.

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