Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chrome Privacy Save Universal Patcher

Chrome Sterilizer - Anonymizer universal castrator

How to use:

browse to chrome folder where chrome.dll is located on your disk or copy the patcher into this folder. Close Chrome, apply the patch.

Based on Instruction from:

Search and removes in a compiled chrome.dll the following:

- Removes the creation of the entries User-ID and Timestamp in Chrome.dll [test in this build: undock the usage of Local State in addition]
- Removes RLZ Tracking via rlz link libary in chrome.exe

- All the rest can be done in the configuration of Chrome.

To remove the updater and Error Reporting, erase this files in chrome install folder [app data] or in portable versions.


2 different packer used, up 2 ur AV

vmprotect1.9 + asp:
chrome-patch.exe 45.00 KB
chrome-patch-.vmp.exe 163.50 KB

Done with dUP, cause of file changer (change a few bytes) the possibility of showing a False Positive such as file injector, by using a patcher is high.

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