Sunday, August 23, 2009

Inno Setup Unpacker 0.22

Supports Inno Setup versions 2.0.18 through 5.3.4

Aug 20 2009 innounp 0.22

Inno Setup is a popular program for making software installations. Unfortunately, there is no official unpacker - the only method of getting the files out of the self-extracting executable is to run it. One piece of software that addresses this issue is Sergei Wanin's InstallExplorer, a plug-in for the FAR Manager that unpacks several types of installations, including Inno Setup (IS). But since it is not updated in a timely fashion, and so does not support the latest IS most of the time, this program was born. The advantages over InstallExplorer are:

* Innounp is open source and based on IS source. Therefore, it is more likely to support future IS versions.
* It recovers portions of the installation script (.iss file), including the registry changes and the compiled Innerfuse/RemObjects Pascal Script, if available.

0.22 (20.08.2009)
Added support for Unicode versions
Added support for IS versions 5.3.0 - 5.3.4 (both ANSI and Unicode)
Fixed rare issue with double backslashes in file path


Homepage & Downloads:

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other versions:

innounp, Inno Setup Unpacker 0.25 增强版(Build:090818)

This version of the source to enhance the roles according
This procedure updates the time being come to an end unless a newer inno version

Updated too dense, and many people may not meet the

Special thanks:
tracky, cwx

Note: The multi-language feature is not automatically switch the current operating system language, when language file does not exist, then the default, use the built-in Simplified Chinese language

Build :09-08-18
Because of previously published containing small pieces of virus code, and is now re-compiled to remove the virus
On the virus, please see the Forum Sticky paste.

Build :09-08-06
Update to be unpacked versions of Inno Setup 5.3.3

Build :09-05-23
Corrections Russian display garbled BUG
Revised Lang directory Languages
To increase support for version 2.0.18

Build :09-05-18
Corrected multi-language BUG
Modified to meet the right IsUnp support

Build :09-04-26
updated to unpack Inno Setup 5.2.5 beta
updated to unpack Inno Setup 5.3.0 beta
Since 5.2.3 version, the official will be sub-Ansi, Unicode 2 release
As the current changes in the official version of the large, this tool in dealing with Unicode, it might be a problem.
Therefore, this tool is also be updated innounp
innounp.exe Ansi version supports all versions after 2.0.8
Innounpu.exe Unicode version 5.2.3 only supports the Unicode version of the following

Build :08-12-06
Amendment language contained repeat
Increase in Russian
Revised language loading order

Download innounp+v0.25(2009-08-18).rar 185.40 KB

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