Friday, August 21, 2009

Thunder Ads Free Special Edition

Thunder is meanwhile a traditional type of resources based on Hyper-Threading Technology download software, as a "period of broadband download tool" Thunderbolt for broadband users to do a special optimized to take full advantage of the characteristics of broadband Internet access, to bring customers high-speed download a new experience! At the same time, the introduction of the Thunderbolt "smart download" concept, through a wealth of smart tips and help, allows users to really enjoy the fun of downloading.

Thunder used a lot of resources Hyper-Threading technology is based on grid principle, there can be a network server and computer resources for effective integration, constitutes a unique network of Thunder, Thunderbolt network through a variety of data files to the fastest transmission speed . Amount of resources Hyper-Threading Technology also has Internet download load balancing function, without lowering the user experience of the premise, Thunderbolt network server resources can be balanced effectively reduce the server load.

News in ad free mod of this version
* Remove all interface Xunlei ad
* Removal of all junk information information
* Removal of "Thunder and see" when the players and suspend all ads
* Optional installation "Tornado Express exclusive chain"
* Optional installation of "Thunder and see"
* Optional installation of "search dog" (while keeping the dog Search Ranking)
* Secretly From Thunder Shield (can not be 100%) [0821]
* Update: in the advertising version of the skin removal
* Improvement: the installation script to further improve the functional improvements
* Update: a version that supports XP/2003/VISTA/WIN7

Note: From this version onwards, the system in different installation directory there are great changes.

Official website:


Thunder5.9.6.1018-Special.rar 8.98 MB | 下載文件 Thunder5.9.6.1018-Special.rar (8.97 MB) | BRSBox | ishare |

English Language Pack:

Language Pack English (All Credits to HeHeHunter):
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