Sunday, August 23, 2009

RatioMaster 1.8.9

RatioMaster 1.8.9 was released on August 22th, 2009.

RatioMaster is an application designed for spoofing uploads on BitTorrent trackers. It connects to a tracker and behaves like a normal BitTorrent client, but without actually uploading to / downloading from other peers in the swarm. It reports to the tracker that it's uploading (or downloading or both, it's your choice) at a certain rate, thus making it useful for artificially increasing your ratio on certain sites that track a user's overall ratio (total uploaded/total downloaded).

RatioMaster Version 1.8.9

* Bug fix : fixed speed randomizer not accepting float values
* Bug fix : fixed crash on some systems by setting compatible font rendering
* Bug fix : fixed problem with some trackers and client files, when RM getting stuck waiting for server response
* Bug fix : minor fix for memory reader
* Update : support for numwant node for Azureus client file (numwant value="50" randomize="true" radius="10")
* Update : new translation and client files (22 language)



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