Sunday, June 15, 2008

eMule 0.48a E-MuleX

eMule v0.48a (E-MuleX)

With this version:

* You can download any file without uploading.
* You get many more search results
* You needn't share any file
* No credit problem
* No Adware, No Spyware

If you want to compile it yourself, here is the source code to download.

You need also the following libraries in order to compile:

* Crypto5.1
* id3lib 3.8.3
* ResizableLib 1.3
* zlib 1.2.3


Download site:
DDL: (18.41MB MSI Installer!!!)
send browser referer by dl file request to

Bin only: E-MuleX 2.40 MB
(Only the eMule from the 18 Mbit installer pack)
To extract installer: Try universal extractor "uniextract" msi installer twice packed!

please download source by them website. For any reasion them server do not complete the file download here to the filesize of ~7mb: (registration)
libraries: 1.76 MB

Installer doesn't look "clean" I would not run it, here the "trash" rests from the installer source: 6.87 MB

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Anonymous said...

the source code is incompelte 50% lol.... and this mod it's very slow whitout upload

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