Tuesday, June 10, 2008

IE7PRO 2.3.6 Plugins fixed

IE7Pro Default Plugins fixed


Alexa rank/google pagerank
Display the website' Alexa and Google Page Rank. (Thanks to SearchStatus of FireFox)

Show Alexa Traffic Detail (function menuShowAlexaTraffic)"+qhost
/q= removed (was placed wrong and produced after the request url q= *an error)

remains: get mainsite/index.htm(l) (php,asp..) Google page rank to display in menu bar by browsing to sub url's

Server Info
Display the Websites IP Address, Web Server and last modified time

Geo location replaced with (whois Domaintools) Webserver IP Lookup info
can be used to replace by dedicated webservers such as rapidshare the domainname with the ip number for example = and others...
to hide urls in links

Changes: (menuShowServerLocation)

Mainprogram dll with traditional icon set:

Download Manager with changed Main Icon (FlashGet Mini):

How to install
Close IE and
Replace thouse files on Harddisk Drive\Program Files\IEPro\
(if the icons do not change, clear windows icon catch)

Download: (754.33 KB) | Mirror | Mirror | DDL1 | DDL2

Enhanced with McAfee SiteAdvisor Info Lookup

Show McAfee SiteAdvisor added:

plugin.registerContextMenu("Show McAfee SiteAdvisor", menuShowSiteAdvisor);
function menuShowSiteAdvisor(cookie,url) {

Download: 4.72 KB - DDL1 - DDL2
to install extract (unzip) and overwrite to Hard disk drive:\Program Files\IEPro\plugins\searchstatus\plugin.js
close browser before

+ Google Site Info Lookup:

Shows Meta + Site Description
+ link to Cache Version
and many more...

Download: 4.74 KB - Mirror

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