Sunday, June 8, 2008

eMule 0.48a PlayMule Build 080606

eMule PlayMule (eDonkey) with live media preview

eMule PlayMule (eDonkey) is the world's first online-watch (RMVB/RM, MKV) and eMule (eDonkey) network to download movies, and has become the most popular Internet software installation required.

Why eMule PlayMule (eDonkey) » Four reasons to you!

1. Clearer: DVD quality! Compared to other television network software, allows users to directly from the popular VCD into the era of DVD era, from television to movies, more than 50 per cent improvement in clarity.

2. Faster: Just buffer 1-2 minutes to smooth playback, while you can watch it read from scratch, fast-forward fast forward, point your mouse to light.

3. More: Index more than 1.5 billion share files, search the global language resources. Every day new content, there are always surprises.

4. More convenient: built-in search function; support P2P networks crawling feature, the automatic access to popular P2P network resources. A great convenience to users to download.

Tips: The more people who look at the effect the better integration of users, even more user share files, the more returns.

* Efficient buffer algorithm, the maximum protection of online video viewing the fluency of resources.
* In all Windows operating systems can support NAT, auto-complete uPnP port mapping.
* Efficient NAT and firewall penetration capability, to help speed up the network users download speeds.
* KAD support network, can not contact the server can also access to data.
* Intelligent disk cache algorithm, through the memory buffer to eliminate high-speed download of data uploaded to the hard drive damage.
* Not any 3th party plugins added.


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