Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bitspirit v3.3.2.230 official version

Bitspirit v3.3.2.230 official version + Ads Free Version

Fixed: download files were the result of garbled there can download but can not browse through the normal procedures, move, delete the downloaded files;
Fixed: network traffic in the larger case may be frequent Add / Remove UPnP port;
Improvement: the adjustment of the other download speeds judgement algorithm to avoid certain client's special act of misjudgment;
Improvement: IP plug-in integrated into the main program, no longer distributed IPDesc.dll (users need to download and copy the QQWry.dat to plugin directory);
Improved: adjusted to avoid linking the efficiency of processing module for connecting a large number of low-efficiency and lead to download speeds can not upgrade, inefficient connection will automatically [10 minutes to prohibit linking];
Improvement: "disconnect" - "prohibited link" from the original [task during the effective operation] to [the duration of effective procedures];
Improvement: Refinement IPFilter.dat related functions, in "functional" - "reload IP filtering table," can be specified level of security, such as 127, L1, L2, and so on;
Improvement: IPFilter.dat whole logs show that the relevant information, such as: Number of entries, the number of IP filter;
Improved: task pop-up menu to increase the "mobile download the document" feature, a user-friendly through the process to move downloaded files;
Improved: agreement to increase encryption [all] the options that can create and receive encrypted connection (do not have any non-encrypted connections);
Improvement: no longer with the earlier version (such as version 2.0) seed market share, the next version of a mandatory 3. X series of codes to reduce the seed market garbled;
Improved: simplify and improve the seed market-related features (some function into a pop-up menu), provide a "filter" function to facilitate the filtering or screening of goods;
Improvement: seed market each other's cargo capacity to change (to withdraw from the process, edit config \ user.ini files MaxTotalTorrents, default 2048);
Improved: "personal settings" - "agreement to expand" increasing "exit procedures at the preservation of the other cargo" option;

v3.3.2.230 version download link:
Simplified Chinese Version:
Multi-language version:
IP database (simplified):
IP database (Traditional):
Note: IP database will be downloaded to extract the Bitspirit QQWry.dat copy to install the plugin directory subdirectory. Users can also download points to the sky, and so on its own download an updated version of the IP database.

Main program (BitSpirit.exe 2.95MB): 437331E1534D08B53ACAF05432C32062
Chinese version (SetupCN.exe 2.54MB): D86EA4C55B83D84473BA0124C454AC52
International Edition (SetupEN.exe 2.36MB): D7501D81B7670DF7063AABA11081F702

All Versions:

Ads Free - No installer Edition:
1.73 MB DDL1 - DDL2
extras (optional): bsv3.3.2.230.EN-extras.7z 308.60 KB - DDL

Changelog taken from:

Homepage: -
New Version SpeedTest see screenshot

Bitspirit v3.3.2.230 No Ads with HT Forever Skin (Multilanguage):
Download: BitSpirit v3.3.2.230 NO ADS - HT Forever Style.rar - DDL1 - DDL2

1. Perfect and complete removal of the original installation of the software bundled all ads (Installer extracted)

2. IP increase as the database

3. Perfect and complete removal of software built-in ads (psgl visual display Ads hide only)

4. Personalized mini-use download icon (app.ico)

5. Bitspirit optimization settings (config ini)

6. Optimize the perfect site for the left LJ ad link (blink.dll can be removed)

7. Abolition of the seed market keyword search filters limit (for I do not have to speak)

8. Removing superfluous language paper only to retain English, Simplified Chinese

9. Close chat features, lower occupancy resources (config.ini)

Green pure direct-free installation! ! !

Versus the later PSGL (Visual Ads Free) Mod:
psgl makes a "workaround" the program exe to eliminate showing ads using pre config settings and layout the Ads Collection Files as read only attribute or as folder names:
Blacklist.txt, bsspecial.txt, bsupdate.txt,
The changing banner and graphics replaced with zer0 size dummy bmp: banner.bmp, .gif, .jpg in BitSpirit-psgl\config\ folder
This will hide the Ads visual but not remove them. It will still send request and receive thouse Ads throu the Firewall or Router log you can see. Its a virtual Illusion of "No Ads" mod. Edition removed all these in the program exe so that there is no need to block or hide these files as they are not created at all nor request / receive any of these urls to create the files in the config folder. They wont be display and not any traffic on the connection log at all.

But see by self 比特精灵(BitSpirit) v3.3.2.230 psgl完美优化去广告绿色版:

After Download is done, let it seed, upload for a while:

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