Friday, June 13, 2008

Microsoft Windows 7 Build 6519 M1 DVD-MSBP

Microsoft Windows 7 Build 6519 M1 DVD-MSBP 2,95GB

Milestone 1 Build 6.1.6519.1 (LEAKED !!!) With Windows Vista finally behind us, it’s time to turn our attention to the next Windows client release, which is currently codenamed Windows 7, though Microsoft has used other code-names, like “Vienna” and “Windows Seven” in the past. This release is the early build which was showcased at a conference back in January ‘08. Remember to read .nfo first before installing. Enjoy.

Easier. Windows 7 will make it easier for users to find and use information. Local, network and Internet search functionality will converge. Intuitive user experiences will be further advanced. Automated application provisioning and cross-application data transparency will be integrated.

More secure. Windows 7 will include improved security and legislative compliance functionality. Data protection and management will be extended to peripheral devices. Windows 7 will advance role-based computing scenarios and user-account management, and bridge the inherent conflicts between data protection and robust collaboration. It will also enable enterprise-wide data protection and permissions.

Better connected. Windows 7 will further enable the mobile workforce. It will deliver anywhere, anytime, any device access to data and applications. It will enable a robust ad-hoc collaboration experience. Wireless connectivity, management and security functionality will be expanded. The performance and functionality of current and emerging mobile hardware will be optimized. The multiple device sync, management and data protection capabilities in Windows will be extended. Finally, Windows 7 will enable flexible computing infrastructures including rich, thin and network-centric models.

Lower cost. Windows 7 will help businesses optimize their desktop infrastructure. It will enable seamless OS, application and data migration, and simplified PC provisioning and upgrading. It will further efforts towards non-disruptive application updating and patching. Windows 7 will include improved hardware- and software-based virtualization experiences. And it will expand the PC self-help and IT Pro problem resolution diagnostics in Windows.

Release Infos
- Release Date.....: 11th June 2008
- Release Name.....: Microsoft.Windows.7.Build.6519.M1.DVD-MSBP
- Supplier.........: Microsoft
- Type.............: OS
- Number of Discs..: 1 DVD
- MS Release Date..: 20. December 2007

Release Description
-Integration with the Windows Communication Foundation, allowing
-SOA application developers to harness the power of parallel
-Computing offered by Windows HPC Server 2008.
-Support for external databases for Job Scheduling database
-Support for Open Grid Forums HPC-Basic Profile interface
-Improved management console with support for Windows PowerShell scripting

Installation Instructions


Download: Windows_7_BETA_Build_6519.4233045.TPB.torrent (open the file with a BitTorrent client)

by loading, watch Ip filter (worldwide press in this swarm)

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