Wednesday, June 4, 2008

eMule v0.49a Fireball v2.3 Beta1

eMule v0.49a [Fireball v2.3 Beta1]

Fireball v2.3 Beta1 by Ekliptor

changelog see Razorback, Titandonkey 0.49a Applejuice Mods for changes to eMule 0.49 Applejuice based
Removed showing of IPs:
By not showing IPs of other Clients eMule Applejuice gives it's users more privacy and security.
- update to eMule 0.49a
- Community improvements* Send Spam Messages to not valid Applejuice Mods, Added some more Ekliptor AppleJuise sortiment production mods.
- spamfilterupdate *Filter from invalide Clients incoming featback, possible answer messages

Encryption (AES): EPB Tr-Dizi HyperTraxx RC-Atlantis GPS2
Super Source Finder outside the ed2k net > zoozle
Send auto "Spam" Message by positive detection of Applejuice Mods done from others than the Ekliptors Board Crew Leecher Creaters Company, for example some Mods in Israel Mods detect on HelloAnswer F@K¬r3 LIO B0o Bo0 B00 Boo TLN:
Filtered Message from '%s' (IP:%s), %s

It send to these Applejuice eMule Mods eg.: eMule v0.48a T~L~N B00$T this message:
Please update to the rightful version of eMule Applejuice at! So your eMule will be much slower!
You will not get Upload from Community Clients!
You are using a stolen Version of eMule Applejuice!

Don't let you irritate. TLN will still have to every TLN MOD the same speed just the Download from some newer Applejuice Mods may not more give full speed!!!

Put in the Message Filter settings keywords like: "please update" , "Applejuice" , "You are using", "rightful"

Clients: %s (%s), Banreason: Userhash changed Clients: %s (%s), Banreason: Userhash changed (Found in TrackedClientsList)
***AddData: uint32=%u (0x%08x), uint16=%u (0x%04x)
***AddData: "MLDK"
ClientVer=%u.%u.%u.%u Comptbl=%u KadVersion=%u, LargeFiles=%u ExtMultiPacket=%u Cryp tLayerSupport=%u CryptLayerRequest=%u CryptLayerRequires=%u SupportsSourceEx2=%u SupportsCaptcha=%u DirectUDPCallback=%u PeerCache=%u UDPVer=%u DataComp=%u SecIdent=%u SrcExchg=%u ExtReq=%u Commnt=%u Preview=%u NoViewFiles=%u Unicode=%u
Name='%s' Port=%u UserID=%u (%s) Hash=%s (%s) OP__Hello OP__HelloAnswer F@K¬r3LIO B0o Bo0 B00 Boo TLN

Detect valid Applejuice Clients Version and Mod Name:
RC-Atlantis, HyperTraxx, EPB-Mod, RSVCD-Crew Mod, ROCKFORCE Mod, SunPower-Mod, Fireball, Wikinger-Mod, Titandonkey, Razorback3, Applejuice, Titandonkey v3.0, Razorback3 v3.0

CryptLayer-Settings (Obfuscation) incompatible Too many connections Buffered Packet OP__AskSharedFiles OP__AskSharedDirs OP__AcceptUploadReq Direct Callback succeeded, connection established - %s OP__SecIdentState Jü! %uC¬ %s 45Fd@ %u fhz %u < %u 092344 %s4 23 2340 %s 23424 fghlö %s dfgd %s dfg sdggh %s 2340 s %s 234234 bnj fgh %s fdhfgh %s hfg hfghf 09234 %s 2340 %s €? RC-Atlantis v RC-Atlantis v HyperTraxx v EPB-Mod v RSVCD-Crew Mod v ROCKFORCE Mod v SunPower-Mod v Fireball v Wikinger-Mod v Titandonkey v Razorback3 v Applejuice Titandonkey v3.0 new2 Razorback3 v3.0 new %c . %u v uoiea OP__EmuleInfoAnswer OP__EmuleInfo 2.3 Beta1 --- Disconnected client %s; Reason=%s --- Deleted client %s; Reason=%s
Disconnected: Disconnected client with non empty block send queue; %s reqs: %s done blocks: %s false true CUpDownClient::Disconnected: Buddy client disconnected -%s, %s Direct Callback failed - %s CUpDownClient::ProcessPreviewAnswer - Provided i mage size exceeds limit Hit CacheWait Cache FileReq flood Captcha answer failed (%%s)

General Public License, anyone can use it for free. Installation permanent and can be subject to GPL copy, distribute and modify with the terms and conditions of release eMule.
Seems to be a unwritten patent inside.


Download: - Mirror

Beta Folder:

ed2k: ed2k://|file||2989895|84CA55DE260853C76183C78FD48E3A61|/

soon final:

NEW TLN BOOSTER v7.3 v0.49a Setup Binary


Download BETA:

Anyhow all these Applejuice Mods connected with zoogle / usenext / razorback etc... whatever Germany construct there

Don't make use of ip to country cvs file or don't show IP's of connected clients and there Country flags is top stupid. Other clients with the feature see your IP but you can not or Verbose out?
Tool What's Running (see Blog) or others (NirSoft Freeware) as well Agnitum Firewall with some plugins (logger) can drop connections to IP's with it: kick (terminate connection), ban, add to local block IP filter in firewall or others is in all mods.

What's connected

Even sysinternals Process Explorer shows what's connected to emule:

With it see the traces by Apple Clients to usenext and much more.
Details show wiresharks and making log. Don't let you make to a fool with the "more" secure limitations non showing IP and Server Hosting in Malaysia!
eMule v0.49a StulleMule v6.0+ (Private MoD)


LemonTree said...

Ekliptor you are complete out of mind or lost all your brain. It's insane programming the biggest Leecher mods and send message with this clients about stolen applejuice mod.
The source code must be on all of your websites where you offer this emule mode official to download!
You can not alter the name or reserve any rights as long it is based on emule project source codes.

Admin said...

This Website only index other sites from the net include the emule network. Please do not use any of these mods in the public emule network!!!

Moonman said...

If don't study all these leeecher mods how to protect from them? Great page thanks for the usefull infos

12ocket 12obin /-/ood said...

if ya wanna get pwned by leechers then go ahead and continue using your official mods, that being said i must also point out that mods with crappy antileech systems that ban by modstrings are possibly banning many great sources, such as myself. Thats two reasons for you to use "leecher mods". That also being said, the applejuice mods are community leechers, and i have came across some very unfair clients using the mod, and when i switch over to a applejuice mod they finally upload. worthlessass leechers some of these clients are, nothing against the mods tho

Anonymous said...

Why can I not download my own ed2k upload files?
I get in queue > 1300 for a week.
damn applejuice credit system shit.
I use Morphxt plus or zz-r to release. Ban zz-r or ulti and you don't get an download!

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