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ASPack unpacker v1.13 ALL Versions by PE_KILL


∥ software name: All versions ASPack unpacker
∥ version information: 1.13
∥ file size: 218 KB (223,682 bytes)
∥ Software Category: Shelling tools
∥ nature of the software: free software
∥ storage space: HTTP
∥ in the culture: YoYo

■ Software:

Shelling ASPack the tools, is perfect; have been tested in ASPack version: 1.00 b, 1.01b, 1,02 b, 1.03b, 1.05b, 1.06b, 1.061b, 1.07b, 1.08, 1.08.01, 1.08.02 , 1.08.03, 1.08.04, 2.000, 2.001, 2.1, 2.11, 2.11c, 2.11d, 2.12.

■ Downloads Version Chinese:


decompression Code:
CENTURYS 網際論壇 中文化開發團隊

Homepage: -

Older Version:

ASPack Shelling on the automatic machines, has passed the test for versions: 1.00 b, 1.01b, 1,02 b, 1.03b, 1.05b, 1.06b, 1.061b, 1.07b, 1.08,1.08.01,1.08.02, 1.08.03,1.08.04,2.000,2.001,2.1,2.11,2.11 c, 2.11d, 2.12.

In this peaceworld brother to give special thanks to the technical guidance and amendments, for 288 owner, DD greatly, King greatly, OSK greatly, OPEN greatly help test.


Archive Password: CENTURYS 網際論壇 中文化開發團隊 is false positive as by many unpacking and hack tools

Original Version English by PE_Kill:

(Special for china crackers: this is a joke!)
All versions ASPack unpacker v1.13 by PE_Kill
From Forum:

All versions ASPack unpacker by PE_Kill
It is checked up on versions: 1.00b, 1.01b, 1,02b, 1.03b, 1.05b, 1.06b, 1.061b, 1.07b, 1.08, 1.08.01, 1.08.02, 1.08.03, 1.08.04, 2.000, 2.001, 2.1, 2.11, 2.11c, 2.11d, 2.12

Распаковывает exe,dll файлы
Отрезает секцию пакера
Сохраняет оверлей
Делает ребилд ресурсов, релоков, TLS, импорта.
Оптимизирует заголовок
Делает реалигн секций

Проверено на версиях: 1.00b, 1.01b, 1,02b, 1.03b, 1.05b, 1.06b, 1.061b, 1.07b, 1.08, 1.08.01, 1.08.02, 1.08.03, 1.08.04, 2.000, 2.001, 2.1, 2.11, 2.11c, 2.11d, 2.12

PS На Win98 100% не работает.

New version 1.13
Fixed suspend unpacker on "Trace to OEP..."

Unpack better as manual unpacking!

Download: all.versions.aspack.unpacker.1.13-pe_kill.rar
SRC: ASPackSRC.rar

Older Version:
Unpack All ASPack.rar

stripper by syd

ASProtect unpacker

stripper v2.07 (final with HT) - last stable release, use it to unpack aspack 2.xx and aspr 1.2x..

stripper v2.11 (rc2) - unpacker for aspr 1.3 - 2.0, use it on your own risk..

stripper v2.13 (last beta) - unfortunaly someone released stripper 2.13beta8 and I have only to say if you dont want me working on stripper I close this project.. good luck..


All Versions:
Download: Stripper.7z

PE Explorer v1.99 R3 NEW !!!

Программа для редактирования Win32 PE, возможность добавления секций, изменения характеристик секций и прочего, также имеются встроеный дизасемблер, UPX и Upack анпакеры.

Homepage: -
Download: DDL2

AoRE Unpacker 0.4

-Tested Tools
ASDPack 2.0
ASPack v2.12
AverCryptor 1.0
CryptX 1.0
DexCrypt 2.0
eXPressor 1.2.0/
GHF Protector (packing Only)
Molebox 2.2.4
Morphnah 0.2
NsPack 2.9/3.0/3.3/3.4/3.6/3.7
Packman V0.0.0.1/Packman V1.0
PC Shrinker 0.71
PE Pack 1.0
PeCompact 1.30/1.50/1.84
Pohernah 1.0.1/1.0.3 (standard)
RCryptor 1.1
SimplePack 1.0X/1.11/1.21
Ste@lth PE 2.10
The Best Cryptor
Mucki's Protector 2
UPX 1.25/1.91/2.00/2.01/2.02/2.90/3.00/3.01

Download: AoRE_Unpacker_0.4.rar
Download: AoRE UnPackTools 2.0: AoRE_UnPackTools_2.0.exe

VMUnpacker V1.5 Licensed - DSW Lab Anti Spyware Toolkit VMUnpacker Build 20080317, v1.2.5.5 Main

This tool based on the technology of virtual machine, it could unpack various known & unknown packers. It is suitable for unpacking the protected Trojan horse in virus analyses, and because all codes are run under the virtual machine, so they will not take any danger to your system..

This product is free software; you can download it, install it, copy it and distribute it noncommercially; If you want use it for commercial sale, copy and distribute, you must get the warranty and permission of DSWLAB before(for example, if the anti-virus company want to use it to analyses the Trojan horse in batches, he must get mandate and permission of DSWLAB before).
VM Unpack Engine SDK£º

The commercial VM Unpack Engine SDK will be provided solemnly (VM Unpack Engine SDK).

Use VM Unpack Engine SDK, the developer does not need to care about the unpacked course and method, only needs to transmit the data to VMUE SDK, VMUE will finish analyzing and unpacking automatically. VMUE supports to send the result of unpacking to the file and memory at the same time, and returns OEP after unpacking directly, It help you unpack packers in your products and tools.

Rebuild PE file after unpacking, such as repair the import table, Overlay, etc. offer the essential condition that rebuilding can running EXE program.

VMUE SDK includes the following part mainly:

Relevant dynamic or static link libraries
VMUE SDK technological white paper and the document about the interface of SDK
Codes of calling VMUE SDK
Packer's signature library in binary
Other auxiliary routines and codes

Dieses Tool basiert vollständig auf der Virtual Machine-Technologie, die alle Schälen bekannt unbekannt Shell zur Verarbeitung. Analyse eines Viruses oder Trojaner, Jiake Proben Schalerbsen Behandlung. Da der gesamte Code ausgeführt werden in einer virtuellen Maschine (VM). Das System wird sich nicht nachteilig verhalten in diesen Verfahren. Für die erste offizielle öffentliche Version die interne Verwendung von Super-erweiterte Version des unpack.avd der patrolmen identifizieren können mehrere Arten von allen bekannten Jiake Verfahren mit mehr injekzierten betroffenen Beschuss Code erkenen. Lesen Sie die Anleitungen im Kabinett.
v1.4 wichtigsten Änderungen:
1. 24 neue Shell Schalerbsen Programm.
2. die Änderung von Morphin Schalerbsen Methoden, Änderungen eine Datei zu dumpen ihren Weg.
3. verbesserte Import-Tabelle des Voll-Backups.
4. die Einführung von PE-Optimierung Funktion, erheblich verringern die Größe des Dokuments/Datei nach dem Beschuss.

Test-Version herunterladen 1,3 klicken Sie auf die folgende Adresse:

Universal Unpacker VMUnpack v1.5 + Lic
include Antivirus Database.T.(c)dswlab 2006-2008
2008/03/15 16:53:19 and VUnpackSDK.dll Anti Spyware Toolkit VM & unpackSDK v1.2.5.5 Build 20080317

Download: VMUnpacker_1.5.rar -
Public Version 1.3:

Supercop (r) Kill various kinds of Trojan horse completely, protect the security of system in an all-round way.
more free tools download:
Specialized desktop and safe products of content:

PECompact v2.86.1 Final (June 9. 2008)

This release adds better support for image base randomization (ASLR) in Vista and above. If your executable crashed after compression in previous versions, it may have been simply due to the fixups/relocations being removed. This version fixes the default behavior so it'll work without tweaking.

Changes since v2.82 final

Change.Core: Added support for ASLR (randomized image basing) executables in PECompact, PEC2GUI, and PETrim. Specifically, fixups/relocations are no longer stripped by default on ASLR enabled EXEs. In previous versions, the user had to set /StripFixups:No for these EXEs to work in Vista and above.
Change.Installer: Updated to NSIS 2.37.

Download Team CzW

Zeta Debugger v1.4

Zeta Debugger is a stand-alone source level debugger and code profiler for Windows 98/2000/XP applications written in C/C++ or assembly languages. Source level debugging is allowed when symbolic debug information emited by your compiler is one of those supported by our debugger or external plug-in modules. Otherwise, when this information is absent or not recognized, you can only debug at machine level. At this moment the debugger supports a several number of debugging formats used by compilers of two most known companies - Borland and Microsoft. In the future we plan to add more formats to support.
Download: Zeta.Debugger.v1.4..-CFF.rar

more tools:

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