Monday, June 16, 2008

eMule v0.48a TLN Booster v7.3.1

eMule v0.48a [T1n 8ooster v7.3.1]

1. Based on the code of Mod xtreme / emule Applejuice.v2.3.3.bin / hexedit, reversed
2. Was carried out an optimization of full code enabling less consumption of memory and power of processing
3. Supporter in Protocol Obfuscation
4. Advanced support in UPnP
5. Anti spam
6. Anti spam in the private messages
7. Anti-Leecher
8. Filename Obfuscation
9. drop nns
10.option to hide complete file
12.Super Source Finder -
14.TLN Boost credit system
15.Fast connection to Razorback Donkey Server....

unpacked later:

Homepage: -




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