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eMule 0.45b pHoeniX & eMule Rocket

...some older eMule Mods

eMule the pHoeniX


If you're using an older Phoenix version, remember to update config files (GeoIP.dat and countryflag*.* from the ones released)

eMule 0.45b - pHoeniX 1.16b
- Updated: server - client protocol side (Fix the message on search: "your client is too old").

eMule 0.45b - pHoeniX 1.16
- Fixed: forget to fix an overflow in download code (could crash)
- Fixed: download limit works properly (thx Xman)
- Fixed: fakecheck now works!!
- Added: red background in search list when a fake is detected.
- Added: Switch list icons in upload view (From various mods: Morph, peace,...)
- Added: avoid the silly window syndrome (Xman)
- Updated: Webcache updated to the last version: 1.9 beta3
- Added: Don't kill source if it's the only one complet source, it's a friend or a proxy (SiRoB)
- Updated: proxys database and ip country database
- Changed: tray icon, now shows a pHoenix :)

eMule 0.45b - pHoeniX 1.15
- Added: Some fixes from Maella
- Updated: some leechers strings and unknown tags from Morph
- Added: Don´t load suqwt credits file if it is not enabled (morph)
- Added: SR13: Import Parts
- Added: some Xman fixes and patches.
- Added: Sirob minor fix in sendblockrequest
- Changed: the status file sort.
- Added: Now the quickstart works also with only kad conecction
- Changed: our Avoid "Server Busy" dialog to eMulespaña way
- Added: New option to show in your MSN7 (or above) message field your emule´s speeds (MOnKi/ikabot)
- Fixed: 0 download with http sources and webcache downloads.
- Added: Show upload Priority in downloadlist
- Fixed:Correct stats (netfinity)
- Other minor fixes and changes
- Updated: Upnp code from emulespaña cvs
- Updated: GeoIp database to 3 - April - 2005
- Supported 4 languages: english, spanish, german (thanks to Xman) and italian (thanks to CiccioBastardo)

eMule 0.45b - pHoeniX 1.14
- Merged all the code to Official eMule 0.45b
- Updated all languages: italian, german, french and spanish.
- Updated: GeoIP database to 02-march-2005
- Updated: modelessDialogs from SLUGFILLER
- Updated: New upnp code from MoNKi
!!!!NOTE!!!!!: needed the pthreadVC.dll in your emule dir to work, this dll is provided with binaries
and installation packages.
- Fixed: A bug when deleting sockets from upload thread
- Fixed: toolbar icons were not properly shown with low bits deep (thanks MoNKi)
- Fixed: an exception when you trying to see shared files from other client
- Fixed: a possible crash due to SNAFU code.
- Fixed: Fade out on exit
- Fixed: Some related with webcache (Sirob & theWizardOfDos)
- Fixed: A bug drawing columns in upload and queue list in a rare situation
- Fixed: memory exception in server socket (theWizarOfDos)
- Fixed: some bugs in Bandwidhtcontrol (Xman)
- Fixed: Utf-8 String On Websearchs (MoNKi)
- Added: An option in preferences to enable/disable vertical hour lines in graphs
- Added: on quickstart time, the manage connection is disabled
- Added: New style to rectagle selection in lists, like in winXP folders (Double buffered style)
NOTE: if you don´t like it, edit your preferences.ini and set DBStyle=0. Only with compatible S.O
- Added: Option (in NAFC dialog) to recheck NAFC after an IP change (Xman)
- Added: emugle web search in search methods (Monki)
- Added: pHoeniX image background in some menus. You can disable them in preferences
- Added: some code improvements and fixes from netfinity
- Added: New friends pHoeniX themed group box.
- Changed: the refresh frecuency of the list has been decreased
- Changed: icon notify message in tray has changed with blinking message icon, from MoNki
- Changed: now, bandwidhtcontrol is threadsafe (Maella)
- changed: new emule icon (MoNKi)
- Deleted: anticorruption test from Maella, useless.
- Other minor fixes and changes

eMule 0.44d - pHoeniX 1.13
- Updated all languages: italian, german, french and spanish
- Some fixes for webcache from Morph
- Added minimize buttons to modeless (Slugfiller)
- Fixed the problem with categories in transferwindow
- Updated: indexPartFiles from SF-IOM mod
- Changed: the option "Switch to unlimited speed when no downloads" have been changed
by..."Switch to max upload capacity speed when no downloads"
- Fixed: Show country flags and names in upload list and queue list
- Fixed: fakecheck update
- Fixed: show in bold preference
- Added: New language strings
- Changed: some code of minimize slots
- Litte fix with pHoeniX log
- Full rework of upload slots resort: now, if "Cumulate bandwidht" is enabled, it focalizes always
to first slot (number one).

eMule 0.44d - pHoeniX 1.12
- Merged all code to 0.44d
- ADDED: New dialog in servers tab to select network adapter
- ADDED: Patch to reask state by SiRoB
- ADDED: SUQWT (Save Upload Queue Waiting Time), if you enable it, you save the waiting time of the clients
and when they reconnect to you in the future, the last score is restored.
IMPORTANT!!! this option can cause the your clients.met corruption, please before use it, make a backup of
your met files :).
- ADDED: Don´t refresh clients if no needed and don´t draw hidden by SiRob
- ADDED: Reconnect kademila (if enabled) on connection lost by Pawcio
- ADDED: In sharedlist dialog now you can see the size of files
- ADDED: Friends graph in statistics
- ADDED: Categories tab hidden if no needed by Sirob
- ADDED: Dinamic trickle slot speed by Sirob
- ADDED: Now, the SLS sources are shown in download list too as kad,ed2k,...
- ADDED: Drop stalled downloads by Netfinity
- ADDED: Option to see downloading files in bold
- ADDED: Some colors in names by morph-eatshare (in the future will be configurable)
- ADDED: ICS, Webcache and modname tags are sent only when needed to save bandwidht
- ADDED: More cpu info in Optimizer by LSD
- ADDED: New option to swicht to unlimited speed if there are no active downloads. Emule
switch automatically to normal speed when detects any download. This feature doen´t work the first
5 minutes and when you add a new download or resume one to allow get sources. If you change the upload
speed in preferences during the execution...the upload you set is saved as the temp upload.
- ADDED: In the queue count now shows the queue size (remember that this size is bigger than that you
set in preferences because of zz sofqueue)
- ADDED: Optional fadeout on exit and only availabre for winXP
- ADDED: In tools menu you have a new option to make an screenshot, for newbies (eWombat)
- ADDED: thePhoenixTeam members in "about emule" Dialog
- FIXED: the comments ratio was always "not rated"
- FIXED: Some fixes in oscopectrl.cpp by Apph
- FIXED: Two fixes in webserver by CML
- FIXED: The download button icon did´t change
- FIXED: The status bar didn´t work properly when it was with USS and it shown a wrong tooltip
- FIXED: Some related with unicode
- FIXED: Now, bbcode elinks are compatible with all forums
- FIXED: Cancel button when adding an elink
- FIXED: Quickstar did´t work properly
- FIXED: Some fixes in webcache and a little improvement
- FIXED: Friends info
- FIXED: Ipcountry
- FIXED: If there was a categorie with the "&" character wasn´t shown properly
- FIXED: Related with >2Gb files
- DELETED: CTitleMenu is not used by phoenix (we use CMenuXP)
- DELETED: Elandal multipleinstances
- DELETED: Some powershare unedded code
- DELETED: Apply to data + overhead...
- REWORKED: UploadBandwidhtThrottler and BandwidhtControl (and will be more in future)
- CHANGED: the debug files Url
- CHANGED: Some default options
- CHANGED: xmas splash!!! thanks MoNKi!!!

NOTE: Id you enable "New upload slot sharping" or Auto S/B by NAFC you´ll need to set higher
the max upload limit (about 20-30%) to get good performance.

[SUPPORTED LANGUAGES] - English, Spanish, Italian, German and French

Thanks to Skywalker and CiccioBastardo


Download: eMule0.45b-pHoeniX1.16b-Binaries-Sources 3.53 MB
eMule.0.45b.Phoenix.1.16.rar 3.43 MB
eMule pHoeniX v0.44d 1.12.rar 3.12 MB
eMule v0.43b Rocket 4.1

Rocket 4.1 Features:

- Rocket Score System
- Rocket Sharing Community
- Khaos Download Categories
- queue limiter
- friend boost
- Pawcio Bandwidth Control
- display of mod version in queue list, upload list
- display download status in queue list, upload list
- display total up/down in queue list, upload list
- display total up/down per client in download list
- force drop nns with timer
- force drop fullqueue with timer
- powershare files
- cacheudpsearchresults
- searchcatch
- ip2country
- colored display of queue rank progression
- save friend slots
- NeverGiveBackTooMuch
- more search results
- save load soures
- auto update ipfilter.dat and fakes.dat
- progressive hash display
- run emule as high prio process
- more filters for log messages
- user can enter values for connection timeout, filereasktime,
sourceclientreask, kad asktime, clientbantime
- mergeKnown
- user can set mb upload limit, 3 client classes
- variable drop nns, fqs source limits
- doubled reask time nns, fqs as option
- show compression in upload list
- connection control
- individual sources hard limit per file
- AntiCorruption
- Hide Overshares
- Selective Chunk Sharing
- Share Only The Need
- Intelligent Chunk Selection
- cpu optimizer
- noNeededRequeue
- list requested files
- friend addon
- autohl column
- complete safehash
- transferring client list
- spread bars
- increased release prio
- infinite queue
- reask sources after ip change
- webcache

Download: eMule.Rocket.4.1.rar 2.14 MB

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