Saturday, June 28, 2008

FlashGet EN NoAds *FIXED*

FlashGet EN
FlashGet English v2.11.0.1186 without Ads FIXED: auto take download links by click.

Link Catcher (Browser Helper Object - BHO) for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE all Versions) activated:
Download Links on Websites up to your config, start FlashGet and catch them to download. Catch on Weblink, Catch all files on site. Filter can be set what file types (extensions) should be downloaded.
Send custom refferer to Download URL can be set in Download Menu which open per file in => Advanced Options

BHO entry:

{1F364306-AA45-47B5-9F9D-39A8B94E7EF1} (flashget2 urlcatch)
location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\
BHO name: flashget2 urlcatch
CLSID name: FG2CatchUrl
Path: C:\Program Files\FlashGet v2.11.0.1186\ComDlls\
Long name: bhoCATCH.dll
Short name:
Date (created): 28.06.2008 19:22:38
Date (last access): 28.06.2008 19:22:38
Date (last write): 16.06.2008 15:20:38
Filesize: 104000
Attributes: archive
MD5: EEF6B30EB12645398043BEB0DB121FC6
CRC32: 3D6AB964

FlashGet EN

Future more, the Firefox extension to download is included and can be installed from FlashGet Settings GUI. Tool > Browser Plugins > Add Firefox Plugins

Uninstall fixed:
Delete by uninstall if Webbrowser is running FlashGet BHOCatch (bhoCATCH.dll) on restart.

FlashGet EN

Portable mode: Install/extract outside Program dir enabled
Silence mode: switches for unattendend setup added/enabled

Works great with FlashGet Site Explorer:
Can download single files or batch all files, download website templates, scripts and Designs and all content include Download Links Files:

FlashGet Site Explorer


Version with 'Security' AV Module: run your AV scanner each time a file is downloaded
FlashGet-EN-v2.11.0.1186AV-BHO.exe 2.14 MB | Mirror | Mirror

Version without 'Security' Module: Your AV scanner run in realtime mode. Monitoring new files is not necessary.
FlashGet-EN-v2.11.0.1186-BHO.exe 2.07 MB | Mirror | Mirror

Quick FAQ:
Q: Why an installer version?
A: because FlashGet needs regserver to register the bho and set the needed registry keys. The installer is also needed to complete remove the application. FlashGet.exe set by self some registry keys into the Windows Registry which the installer by running uninstall removes.

Q: Does it install any Ads, popups or embedded Toolbars as in the Original FlashGet Setup?
A: No 3th party Addons, Toolbars and Advertising Modules are include! FlashGet.exe is modificated to send no stats and receive no Ads (Related links etc... frames around the GUI), upload video preview feature removed in flashget.exe, the Option settings enable/disable upload video get ignored.

u.a.: removed is:
- Bug Reporter
- flashget ed2kwrap. FlashGet in Version 2 does not support emule (edonkey)
- Modules: SnapShot, Downstat, garage, SearchTop, SoBar include the Skin extras for SoBar, Chinese Language Files.

Q: I did install FlashGet Original setup and I still see Ads
A: FlashGet is on many websites promoted, each version have different "addons" - 3th party Banner and Ads in them setup. Remove Flashget using the original installer from that version you did install it. Check in add/remove programes under system control panel for Toolbars, uninstall them. Run regcleaner (CCleaner or simulary). Check with regedit a search for keyword: flashget, remove all founded entries. Delete after uninstall and regclean Flashget's program dir include sub directories. Install this clean Version.

Q: How to download with FlashGet from other Browsers: Opera, Safari,...?
A: Start FlashGet, right click on the download link in Browser, select in menu copy link. The link will be taken to Flashget from clipboard.

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