Thursday, June 19, 2008

FlashGet v2.11.0.1186 English Ads Free - No Ads

FlashGet v2.11.0.1186 English
Express (FlashGet) is the most popular Downloadmanager on the Internet, used for the largest number of a software download. Multi-server Hyper-Threading technology, fully supported a variety of protocols with outstanding file management capabilities. Express (FlashGet) software is green, no advertising - when dont use the installer, the 3th party Google Toolbar will not integrate in system and its free.

Some of the features in 2.0, you may need to register to use. We call these functions to the garage. Garage owner account, can enjoy release resources, resource classification, resource collection, shows that download information, and other fun features.

Express (FlashGet) 2 main features:
1, in-depth optimization core, the higher the efficiency.
2, multi-protocol add, to help users to add all kinds of links.
3, support for HTTP, BT download, not to support Emule function.
4, a variety of skin support, Office-style menu, simple fashion.
5, the new definition of the express train to download the list.
6, can use IE agent.
7, civilized language me with a simple restore.

Existing features:
1. Support download protocols: HTTP / FTP / HTTPS / MMS / RTSP / BT. eMule is not yet supported in Version 2. A maximum of simultanouse downloads is 10 parts at the same time and can be set up to eight download task. Through multi-threaded, breakpoint Xu Chuan, mirror and other technology to increase the maximum download speed.
3. Mirroring support (more than address download) - usually on the site you want to download the document will set out a number of addresses (that is, distribution of documents in different sites), as long as the size of the same document, the software can also connect multiple Site and choose the site faster to download the document. Is to ensure that the benefits of faster download speeds, even if a site disconnected or wrong, are not affected. A mandate to support the mirror sites is not limited number of addresses, and can automatically find Ftp Search mirror.
4. Can create different categories, to download the software category of storage. Strong management features include support for drag and drop, rename, add descriptions, find, file names can be repeated automatically rename and so on.
5. Managed before downloading files.
6. Check whether the documents to update or re-download.
7. Supports automatic dial-up, downloaded automatically hang up and shutdown.
8. Full support for proxy servers.
9. Customizable toolbar and download information is displayed.
10. Download the task can be sorted ahead of an important document can be downloaded.
11. Multilingual interface, support for security, including more than 10 Chinese language interface, and can switch at any time.
12. Download plan, avoiding the use of peak time network or the network costs are cheaper at the end of the download.
13. Capture the browser clicks, fully supports IE and Netscape.
14. Speed limit function to facilitate the visit.
15. Compatible with Vista system.

Official Download chinese with Ads: (including plug-in, installation attention to the selection):

Use universal Extractor to extract installer and take the content only. No need to run installation/setup.

Without 3th party Toolbars and No Ads in English (some plugins removed) - no installer just extract and run:

subfolder name: Other modules - here possible ads inside or is it the for the registered user the Garage features? I don't speak one single word Chinese! - rename and sort it out to foldername modules
This folder contents some modules which displays ads or other features, If you need any of this modules, copy these modules to the modules folder.

Folder: installerObsolete$TEMP can be deleted (logos and installer trash inside)

All Callback Ads in flashget exe have been removed! (I think it is a Chinese Download Portal not really Ads but for International user maybe useless)
I cleaned it from the Interface not just hidding optical as some does by BitSpirit and Comet. I remove it inside the file cleaned the website out which produce the Ads and traffic in/out to these sites that it will not shown or make any connections. You can use Application Connection Monitoring tools to watch the application by self if it create connections to somewhere else as to the File urls you downloading.

TaskNotifier Translated dll too! - I use the trick by set Windows Language for unicode to Chinese PRC, that it shows the Letters on my screen and drag n drop translate with Google from Resource editor to replace the words in the dll into english:
TaskNotifier English
Immadiate should be Open File and Open should be Open Folder
(English Words are to long it doesnt match inside the lengh)
Download FlashGet v2.11.0.1186 English No Ads:
BHO's may automatical added to captcher Download links from the web browser but can be configurated in the settings menu.
It's a unbelievable fast Downloader, cfosspeed is already by the limit of connections to handle. It fits the full speed of the internet to download!

FlashGet *Fixed* NEW 28-June-2008

FlashGet EN NoAds *FIXED* - Click here

Outdated Version without BHO:
Light EdiTion No installer w/o redunand "extras":
Download (2.43 MB): FlashGet.en-AdsFree v2.11.0.1186-re.rar DDL1


Panda said...

notify me asap

Panda said...

Is there basically a exactaly same version but one with a schedule feature?

MoDs said...

Not that I know by FlashGet. By reverse engineering it's impossible to add features like 'scheduler' without a source code. Maybe one of the multidownloader like FDM or older similar on opensource could have this feature.

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