Thursday, June 19, 2008

eMule.exe file size over 5MB and growing...

eMule 5MB Mega sized
Graphics / oversized Icons the mainpart of the filesize in emule.exe -5MB-

There are still [obsolete] icon graphics [*.ico] icons in libaries by eMule in size with:
48x48, 64x64, 72x72 in the multi Icon sets, color depth 4, 8, 16, 24, 32

The icons are a big part more than > 1 MB of the end file size (emule.exe) of more than > 5 MB.

Sorting the unneeded, unused color depth icons out and reducing [resize] the oversized > 64 + 72 icons plus the small icons surounding the GUI eg.: to it's > 16x16 from 32x32 and higher to the matching size, may reduce the emule.exe file size smaller [less] than 5 MB (can save ~250 - 380 kb) by optimization!

Here some unsorted (incomplete sorted) samples extracted from a mod: (579.51 KB)

Using PE Tools to strip from the Binary exe, C++ [the obsolete] debug code output (not the feature related debug function) and correct the internal CRC checksum from the compiler output may finalize the result.

Only trimm:


Rebuilder functionality
- strip debug data
- strip relocations
- strip export information

...maybe not with this tool [only set to zero w/o remove the debug code]:

Q. What does it mean when I see the Do You Trust This Site? security report? A. Internet Explorer displays Do You Trust This Site? when a suspicious website has some of the typical characteristics of phishing websites...Do not exe compress or protect FileShare Client software, eMule mods, BitTorrent clients with Armadillo, PEC and others. Browser safety filter can give attention warning if enter domains with difficult or possible embedded nasty things in site download content to AV scan.
I just seen by a domain: the Microsoft Internet Explorer safety filter shown up a warning. >> Report Site as a safe website if no phishing or threats found! <<
By the way Uni-Leech Tool ( for BitTorrent Ratio etc.. ) have a backdoor trojan inside according to Kaspersky Labs.

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