Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BitSpirit Ads Free Edition

BitSpirit Ads Free

BitSpirit v3.3.2.252 No Ads:

This Mod does not have any "Leecher" features! It can be used on all Trackers

Changes in BitSpirit.exe
- Community Function removed: Torrent Market exchange,....
- A Collection of your torrents will not be send and created "Your Goods Market". It will not create nor offer such a list to peers and others.
- Suggested Search closed, removed
- All tracing removed
- Ads removed
- Hot News, bsupdate, banner and others as txt and bmp will not created nor downloaded
- Update Url to Download directory
- Donats URL = Changelog English
- .manifest for Vista and XP,... added and correct to program exe (no external .manifest file required)
- 2 Releases: Original Design Styles and HotTeam Forever Style (HT)
- No needed features/files removed from installer
- Uninstaller will properly work and left no BitSpirit config files and Registry Entries
- Multilanguage
- Your config does not matter to the "features" which have been removed.
NEW : 25-06-2008
- Updated latest German, Polnish and Chinese Language File added
- About: Help Site to Lanspirit English fixed

NEW Update to Tango EdiTion:
- Tango Skin bsres.dll fixed: Relocation Table was "obsolete" 0000, Id String was missing. Most updated Language Files included, German, Chinese, Polnish
- Torrent Builder Application ( Torrent Builder v3.2.2 ): Missing Version Info and .manifest have been added in file Builder.exe
- Fix: Media Preview does not work with newer (v 10+) RealMedia (rmv, rmvb,..) Movies updated Gabest from Version (Build Year 2006) to version (Build 18-09-2007) Real 8, 9, 10, 1x,...

(Links updated!)

Gabest RelaMedia Splitter updated from to version
Last Version in:
Fantasy Codec Pack 4.19 Build (2008.06.10)
Homepage: Download Website Fantasy Codec Pack 4.19 - Download Link: FantasyCodecs.exe 54.50 MB

Download Version
place updated file to \Codec\

Official Changelog:
Bitspirit v3.3.2.252 official version

Fixed: download files were the result of garbled there can download but can not browse through the normal procedures, move, delete the downloaded files;
Fixed: network traffic in the larger case may be frequent Add / Remove UPnP port;
Fixed: that in the Win2000 some special resolution under the initial interface shows that the issue of bias;
Improved: increase in "suspicious refused to link" function, in most cases can effectively avoid the large selection of the wrong data;
When it detects suspicious connection task, the task of downloading from the green icon will be downloaded into a lock icon on the icon.
Improved: increase "mandatory written into the cache," the functions of task force will write data to the disk cache;
Improved: increase, "the document read picture" function, when the mandate of the picture, but did not write the download is complete text of the disk, they can see through the process;
Improved: improve the DHT network initialization process for new users to join the DHT more reliable network;
Improvement: the adjustment of the other download speeds judgement algorithm to avoid certain client's special act of misjudgment;
Improvement: IP plug-in integrated into the main program, no longer distributed IPDesc.dll (users need to download and copy the QQWry.dat to plugin directory);
Improved: adjusted to avoid linking the efficiency of processing module for connecting a large number of low-efficiency and lead to download speeds can not upgrade, inefficient connection will automatically [10 minutes to prohibit linking];
Improvement: "disconnect" - "prohibited link" from the original [task during the effective operation] to the duration of effective procedures;
Improved: [when "Caps Lock" (capital) keys to open (lights), the list does not connect users to update blacklist, and other operations;
Improvement: Connecting the list, was elected in one or more connected, according to Delete (deleted) bond can be connected directly added to the blacklist;
Improvement: Refinement IPFilter.dat related functions, in "functional" - "reload IP filtering table," can be specified level of security, such as 127, L1, L2, and so on;
Improvement: IPFilter.dat whole logs show that the relevant information, such as: Number of entries, the number of IP filter;
Improved: task pop-up menu to increase the "mobile download the document" feature, a user-friendly through the process to move downloaded files;
Improved: agreement to increase encryption [all] the options that can create and receive encrypted connection (do not have any non-encrypted connections);
Improvement: no longer with the earlier version (such as version 2.0) seed market share, the next version of a mandatory 3. X series of codes to reduce the seed market garbled;
Improved: simplify and improve the seed market-related features (some function into a pop-up menu), provide a "filter" function to facilitate the filtering or screening of goods;
Improvement: seed market each other's cargo capacity to change (to withdraw from the process, edit config \user.ini files MaxTotalTorrents, default 2048);
Improved: "personal settings" - "agreement to expand" increasing "exit procedures at the preservation of the other cargo" option;


Changelog URL:

bsv3.3.2.252.EN-NoAds.exe | Mirror 2.22 MB ( Standard Skin - eico design : | Splash RLE BMP Comp. 1/4 size )
MD5: d925b7a126d9d220cbd824f9e1af63f3
SHA-1: b09db0e0134131aa84fc92daf2b76d694b62d02d
bsv3.3.2.252.EN-NoAds-UPX.exe | Mirror 2.23 MB (Standard Skin - upx compressed)
MD5: 382bf259eebb7566781c003174ea4410
SHA-1: af134dcf5d63eefd64f5c99f0c66186bb84e32e7

NEW Updated!
bsv3.3.2.252.EN-NoAds-Tango.exe | Mirror | Mirror | 2.21 MB (with Tango Skin by HotTeamForever)
BitSpirit Deutsch BRDBitSpirit ChineseBitSpirit EnglishBitSpirit Polish
MD5: f473ab4d00d2def408ac02999f6471e2
SHA-1: eea422da27948c9cbd94f7a3abbe5c3eb3c01414

UPX compressed 899 KB (920.576 bytes)
MD5: 972b637ee541682451d31660d34497ce
SHA-1: cd2d7754ddf5e725147057c7745f877d1ed4b301

AntiVirus Test:
File bsv3.3.2.252.EN-NoAds.exe Result: 0/33 (0%)
File size: 2328908 bytes
MD5...: d925b7a126d9d220cbd824f9e1af63f3
SHA1..: b09db0e0134131aa84fc92daf2b76d694b62d02d
SHA256: 16c3940f63fa59cd72bba589cc10b8db1310217e2f365e6d2b6dc4867665267d
SHA512: c2804c248f57cb566e06d2d1e4eeeb3c5e61cff859ced8c2eac6beeb8fffb929
Result Site:

BitSpirit Deutsch BRDas single update file German/Deutsch:
Updated German / Deutsch Sprach Datei Language File BitSpirit Versions 3.x -
Screenshot BitSpirit Deutsch / German: Click here

Download: deutsch(de).2ng | Mirror 25.41 KB
(incomplete at this time. Translated via Google Polski to German and the Help with corrections from a German Forum Moderator).

replace with the old one in folder \language

BitSpirit's Language Files have not been updated since ages (Version 2 from year 2006!!!)
If you can invest a little bit time, please translate it into your Language and send it to support eMail or onsite contact!

Full Tranlated is Chinese and Polska only (English is menu Language). All other Lang files needs update to v3!

New Language Translator Schema (Lang Code list) included. Phrase strings see Polnish Lang file from the Version above.

; Bis v2.0, BS erkennt die Sprache automatisch. Setzen Sie ab v3.0 die BSLANG auf Ihre Sprach-ID
; Sprache für Multi-Datei trennen Sie die Sprach-ID wie folgt wie zum Beispiel: 0x0401 0x0801 0x0c01
; Die folgende ist die Sprach-ID Liste (keine Notwendigkeit zu übersetzen):
; 0x0401 Arabic, 0x0402 Bulgarian, 0x0403 Catalan, 0x0404 Traditional Chinese, 0x0405 Czech, 0x0406 Danish,
; 0x0407 German, 0x0408 Greek, 0x0409 U.S. English, 0x040A Castilian Spanish, 0x040B Finnish, 0x040C French,
; 0x040D Hebrew,0x040E Hungarian, 0x040F Icelandic, 0x0410 Italian, 0x0411 Japanese, 0x0412 Korean,
; 0x0413 Dutch, 0x0414 Norwegian - Bokmal, 0x0415 Polish, 0x0416 Brazilian Portuguese, 0x0417 Rhaeto-Romanic,
; 0x0418 Romanian, 0x0419 Russian, 0x041A Croato-Serbian (Latin), 0x041B Slovak, 0x041C Albanian,
; 0x041D Swedish, 0x041E Thai, 0x041F Turkish, 0x0420 Urdu, 0x0421 Bahasa, 0x0804 SimplifiedChinese,
; 0x0807 Swiss German, 0x0809 U.K. English, 0x080A Mexican Spanish, 0x080C Belgian French,
; 0x0810 Swiss Italian, 0x0813 Belgian Dutch, 0x0814 Norwegian - Nynorsk, 0x0816 Portuguese,
; 0x081A Serbo-Croatian (Cyrillic), 0x0C0C Canadian French, 0x100C Swiss French

HTF Tango Skin Theme Credits to:
The older Version Chinese Mod Version by: HTF Tango
Here Tango Mod by HTF (not fully Ads Free): | Mirror


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered what the significance of having UPX or non UPX? I know one is compressed and the other not but whats the benefit of the two? Easier to mod on uncompressed exe? Please explain the difference.

Anonymous said...

UPX compress the binaries. The difference in usage is if you want small size applications for example to put on pendrive (portable devices) the upx compressed version will use less storage space. More significance is if you compress for example latest winaso v4 program exe from more than 7 mb to 1,5 mb you found the reassion why this is possible in a good hexviewer by the unpacked, uncompressed exe. It shows the quality of the programmer if there are site wise/ many pages with empty code in the exe file, the programmer didn't compile it well formed. A good compiled program cant be compressed as more than the half file size as the uncompressed one.
Some exe compressors keep the file in memory and can not make use of windows swaping file if its compressed especially if scrambled, protector was used such as ASpack, AsProtect, Thermidia, Armadillo,... Programs packed/compressed with these protectors will use up to the dopple size in memory as it will create more processes to run. UPX do not need another process and programs done with it can be scanned with every antivirus scanner without the danger that someone have compressed packed kinds/forms of viruses. AV scanners support unpacking for UPX by default while protected executables and dll runtime files with commercial packer/protectors it is possible that new viruses done inside to the compressed file.

Anonymous said...

Very informative response. Thank you for the info and sharing :)

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