Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thunder Ayu - Ads reduced mod

Thunderbolt without advertising version

AYU: updated to, the problems encountered very strange, scripts and the few documents I have not been fixed, the result might be the problem to change the script. It is too busy these days almost no time online, sorry people.

Thunderbolt (2008.03.26)


* Installation community can not solve the coverage problem Thunderbolt Sign (2008.03.24)

* Support Forum annex more download * optimize the quality Thunderbolt look at the demand side below * optimize the scheduling * sowing some new FLV video download site detection * amended the document to open certain types of BT seeds may lead to the collapse of BUG

Download: Thunderv5.7.9.446.NoAD-Ayu-Green-0401

English Language Pack:

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