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Apple Safari for Windows 3.1.525.13.3 - Update

Apple Safari for Windows 3.1.525.13.3
Security Fix Final

Use of the world's fastest, the most easy-to-use Safari Web browser to visit the website, feel Apple style, Safari, with its simple, elegant interface, and allows you to enjoy the fun of browsing. Safari 3.1 pages included in Internet Explorer 7 faster than 1.9 times faster than the 1.7 times FireFox 2, Safari 3.1 is the speed of implementation of JavaScript browser other six times. For Mac OS X and Windows users a free download, Safari 3.1 also supports the latest Network standards to experience better Web 2.0 service. Safari 3.1 is the first to support HTML5 video and audio tags and CSS animation, font CSS Web browser.

Superior performance
All platforms as the fastest Web browser, Safari is the speed of loading pages in Internet Explorer 7 2 times 2 is Firefox 1.6 times. Moreover, it is the speed of implementation of JavaScript in Internet Explorer 7 2.8 times, 1.6 times the Firefox 2. These what does that mean for you? Loading pages shorter time, have more time to visit the website.

Elegant user interface
Clean and neat appearance of Safari allows you to focus on the Web, rather than your browser. Browser frame there is only one pixel wide. When you need only when they see the scroll. In the default browser did not state the status bar (when loading pages, it is the progress of the blue filled address bar), to provide you with more space to browse and view Web pages. Moreover, like the Google search field so often the tools used in the built-in Safari, so you can more quickly reach anywhere on the page.

Easy-to-use bookmarks
You use Safari bookmark management more simple than in the past. Understanding iTunes? Then you will understand Safari bookmarks. Light point of the mouse opens a single window interface, where you can browse, search and organize bookmarks, methods, and in iTunes you browse, search and organize music the same. Enter your bookmarks to the current simple. In fact, the first time you open Safari, it would enter the browser you have access to all bookmarks. If you want to import bookmarks later, as long as from the File menu, select Import Bookmarks can be. Safari bookmarks to help you find the site added. Bonjour use of innovative technology, Safari will automatically detect and display such as printers, routers and network camera on the local network, such as Web servers and related equipment.

Pop-up blockers
And those Longluan desktop also affect your access to the annoying pop-up ads and hidden pop-up window to say goodbye it. Safari will be in default under the Note to intercept all of the new window. When you click the link, we can open a new window, but will not be accidents, annoying pop-up ads interference.

Embedded View
Now, you can use the Find command in the Safari find any page of any text. In the pull-down menu below integration of the new Find function of the input a word, Safari will show that the total number of projects to find, and highlights the word matching, the following pages dimmed. Therefore, you can immediately see a View to every word.

Tabbed browsing
Safari use the tabbed browsing, you can open a window in the number of pages and switch between them. Drag-and-drop rearrange their labels in the order, in a new browser window open a label, or all of the current window into one label window. Safari according to the number of pages you open, adjust the size of each label. Label for a group set up a bookmark, or the last time you will be shut down or withdraw from Safari, to open the restoration of the label.

Most browsers use website, it is easy to lose direction. You find depends on the content, has left open the first page of the very far. Do not click the Back button, using the Safari SnapBack bar. SnapBack allows you to return immediately to the results of the initial search, or any web site on a page of the most, if you have down here several pages-there is no problem.

When your search results page to click on a link, SnapBack icon will appear in the search box. Click the icon, it will bring you back to the search results page, or even the last time you visit the exact location.

SnapBack also apply to the address bar. Enter an address, click bookmarks, e-mail or another application in the link, and then Safari will create a SnapBack positioning points. When SnapBack icon appears in the address bar, click on the icon immediately returned to the anchor point. Therefore, if you enter a new favorite Web site address, click on a link to read an article, then click on another link, SnapBack icon will take you back to the original site of the new Home.

Automatic guidance
Now, you no longer have to fill out an online form. This is because the Safari will automatically fill in a form functions in the light of your address book information, or based on past form will be completed online forms filled out completely. Safari to fill in your name, address, city, zip code, e-mail and other information. Safari also provide you with options to automatically enter your name and password - they are all safe, encrypted format.

Built-in RSS
Provide for you in an easy-to-read, searchable article list, easily browse thousands of websites on the latest news, information and articles. When a new article or blog added to your favorite Web site, the built-in Safari RSS (real simple integration) readers will immediately inform you, so you do not have to speculate. Whenever you sign up a website to support RSS feeds, Safari will be in the address bar of an RSS icon. Click on the RSS icon, Safari will automatically display a simple RSS feeds. Marked as bookmarks, Safari will be displayed on a visit since you add a new article, since the number. Safari RSS in the show fully reflect flexibility, you can customize the display adjust the length of the article, or on the date, title and source separation and screening revealed that the article. In addition, the use of the built-in search field, you can quickly find interesting articles. Everything from Safari.

Adjustable text box
Perhaps you are entering text in a text box is too small, inconvenient reading. Or you have more to say. In either case, Safari can let you in the adjustment of any site the size of the text box, as long as sabotaged text box can be of the iceberg. Box size adjustment, page size will be adjusted accordingly to ensure that there is sufficient space for your use.

Private View
No matter what you here, hope that this is just your own secret. Safari offers private access to the precise reason is - keep your activities online privacy. Open private browsing, Safari will not save your Google search, your cookies, visit the Web site of the historical record, download records or you fill in the online form information.

If you browse function in the private sector did not open the case to a web page, you can use the Privacy Reset empty your cache and clear Safari in your browser, forms and search history. You can get as long as the click of history clean.

Now, you can use any computer on a peace of mind to enjoy the fun of browsing. Apple engineers in the design of Safari, they give full consideration to its security.

Even if you are a novice, using a more powerful encryption tools Safari can also guarantee that your personal information will not be compromised. When you visit a secure Web site, Safari will be in the top right corner of the browser display a lock icon. If you want to learn more about safety website that click lock icon, the Safari will display on your web site security certification details.

Safari support and the second edition of the third edition of the SSL, and the next generation of Internet security - Transport Layer Security (TLS). Safari adoption of these technologies, to provide you with a secure, encrypted channel and protect you all the information from online theft. In addition, Safari allows you to use standards-based authentication to log in to secure sites, such as Kerberos single sign, X.509, such as personal identification NTLMv2 or private agreement.

Safari also supports many agency protocols - Help firewall traffic control network access, including Automatic Proxy configuration, FTP Proxy, Web Proxy (HTTP), Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS), Streaming Proxy (RTSP), and Gopher Proxy SOCKS Proxy.

Experience the web, Apple style, with Safari: the fastest, easiest-to-use web browser in the world. With its simple, elegant interface, Safari gets out of your way and lets you enjoy the web, up to 2 times faster than Internet Explorer. The fastest web browser on any platform, Safari loads pages up to 2 times faster than Internet Explorer 7 and up to 1.6 times faster than Firefox 2. And it executes JavaScript up to 2.8 times faster than Internet Explorer 7 and up to 1.6 times faster than Firefox 2. What does all that mean for you? Less time loading pages and more time enjoying them.


Download Apple Safari v3.1.525.13.3

Opera and the Rendering-Engine WebKit, on the basic from Apples Browser Safari reach the Acid3-Test with 100 points.

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