Saturday, April 12, 2008

eMule 0.48a Sïroz v0.1

eMule 0.48a Sïroz v0.1
eMule 0.48a Sïroz v0.1


- New Comm system
- antileech
0: Bad client Nick
1: Bad client Mod
2: Nick Faker
3: ModFaker
4: Spammer User
5: Hash Faker
- Diff Qr
- Column+
- drop & reask manuel
- Kick and Ban Manuel
- %client
- Emulate
- FixConnectionCollision
- Modstring
- New autoSLS
- auto adjust connexion
- QuickStart
- no share file only
- no share file completed
- gestion des drop
- ReadBlockFromFileThread
- BetterPassiveSourceFinding
- dazzle Faster endgame
- no upload
- upload management
- Fake Rank(indetectable)
- MORPH START - Flush Thread
- upload Start Sense
- Reask Source Random
- QuickStart
- DontAskIpList
- CB Mod : NiceHash
- BetterClientAttaching
- FakeTag
- FakeNick (only need)
- FakeMod (only need)

How to enable no upload:

in Menu:

open \config\preferences.ini
with notepad and do the following changes:

;1 = on
;0 = off

isnoUL=1 ;enable no upload
force_friend_UL=1 ;Force Friend upload only on
force_Comm_UL=1 ;Force Community upload only on

Homepage: Forum eMul€€cheR™ - Temp:

Search Web

Download: eMule 0.48a Siroz v0.1.rar

I correct the internal Checksum and binary a little bit:

This mod runs very good, found quick sources and start smooth, it's not overfilled with 1000 settings and light 'n easy to use, communicate with many other mods like: Night-R V1.0, Al!as, SDGInn,... (more as usually). Slight problems with UPnP map. Thank you.


Paulo said...

Thanks for this mod.
Seems great...
Is there a way to get an invitation code fort it's forum?

Anonymous said...

This is very private forum, no invitations for new members. Please admin of blog, delate links/adressess to this board.

Anonymous said...

Im a Admin here.
I want let you to know that deleting of articles or content include parts are impossible.
1. The newsfeed output is storrent on 38 other Sites such as Newsfeed content databases with the complete written content of each article which can not be removed.
If it will be here change it wont be on any of the other sites which index this blog. I can do changes such as editing but then a new indexing will be happen and the article appears twice in these feed database sites.
2. Visitors can read the blog in history not only with*/* which shows every entry in delay of a months or 3 as well google catch, yahoo catch, msn catch and other website catch servers.
So it wont bring anything if it is only here (a low visited Blog) invisible cause it will be visible on all other services which archive it very well.

But nothing for bad lets try something if you get to much traffic or script kiddies trys to hack your sql database to get a dump...

Just post 5 of the latest Mods from your content (no fakes) in latest versions and lets see...

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