Saturday, April 5, 2008

eMule v0.48a ZZULtimativ-R V1.8

eMule v0.48a ZZULtimativ-R V1.8
eMule v0.48a ZZULtimativ-R V1.8



ZZULtimativ-R V1.8

+ New Upload Priorities 1-10
+ Custom Priority
+ Updated Reask Source after ip change from v2 to v4
+ Display Up Prio in Down/Uploadload-List
+ Decreasing source exchange speed
+ ChatLog
+ Variable File ReaskTime
+ Friendnote
+ Manual settings for SLS
+ SharedView Ed2kType
+ Restore last Log Window
+ Import Parts to File
+ Part Info (MCS)
+ HOS excludes for Friends/Community/ReleaserGroup
+ RelativeChunkDisplay
+ Reduce SpreadBar CPU consumption
+ Reduce SharedStatusBar CPU consumption
+ Optional Deadlist
+ Push Small Files
+ Official USS Code
+ Fixed NiceHash Labels
+ Fixed Statusbar (USS display)
+ Fixed some log entries
+ Fixed SOTN/HOS
+ Some other little changes

- Removed 2nd apply button in scheduler
- Removed Release Bonus
- Removed Custum Slotspeed

full Changelog in download

Download: eMule v0.48a - ZZULtimativ-R.V1.8.rar

ed2k: eMule.0.48a.ZZULtimativ-R.V1.8.rar
ZZULtimativ_1.6_Beta2 special Z.rar

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