Monday, April 14, 2008

cFosSpeed v4.21.1401 (build 1401)

What's new in cFosSpeed


* New feature
+ Minor improvement
! Software change requires modification of your configuration
x Bugfix
- Information only

Revision history:

cFosSpeed 4.21 build 1401
x Low latency mode lowered the TCP MSS even in cases where the increased
amount of TCP ACKs would totally saturate the upstream. We now only
lower the MSS if the RX and TX rates are reasonably symmetrical. Thanks
to Oliver Rauh for bug report.
x To fix the case where line geometry is such that you have lots of download
and not much upload (like 1024/32) we now limit the amount of data that
is sent out prioritised in classes high and higher to 40% of TX-bandwidth
each. If that limit is exceeded, packets are sent out like any other
packet is with default priority.

cFosSpeed 4.21 build 1400
+ cFosSpeed now uses less allocations and thus less CPU load.

cFosSpeed 4.20 build 1389 -- 12-Feb-2008

+ Added support for Vista Sidebar Gadgets. See speed.gadget in the
cFosSpeed installation directory (double-click to install after first
re-boot). This sample gadget demonstrates how to create your own
sidebar gadgets. Feel free to contact us. We might be interested in
publishing your gadget on our website.
+ New language: Arabic! That makes a total of 18 languages supported.
Even more languages are downloadable from our web site, here:
+ trace.txt is now in UTF-8 coding, but without a byte-order marker at the
beginning. Use e.g. notepad for viewing.
+ The gset parameter passthru can now be set to 2. This will still bypass
all shaping and packet modification logic, but not as radical as
passthru = 1. Debugging purpose only.
+ Added func_trace = 2. This will dump NDIS_PACKETS with all fields into
trace.txt. Debugging purpose only.
+ Network adapters are no longer unbound if set to "Auto". Only setting them
to "No" will force the unbind. Thanks to Andrey Chernov for his help.
+ Added a way to change and save rtt_tab's. Thanks to Darko Grskovic for
+ If class installer is locked, adding a route is retried every 3 seconds.
x Fixed a long-standing bug (maybe as old as v2.13): packets were sometimes
sent to the wrong network adapter. This could have happened whenever you
had more than one active adapter. This could fix problems with Hamachi,
VPN software, multiple network cards or bridging. Please test and report!
x Fixed a rare crash while loading. Maybe this crash only appeared with
certain VPN software. Thanks to Christopher Moffett for the dump file.
x Testing whether not activating the device will fix freezes after
installation under Vista.
x Cleaned up NDIS packet handling.
x Buttons in the icon skins where not working under Windows Vista. Fixed.
x Now setting 'inhibit_bridged' will immediately change 'bridged' variable.
Thanks to Velouria for the bug report.
x Some internal rewrite to fix a spurious bluescreen.


32 bit:
64 bit:

32 bit + 64 bit + new key: cfosspeed-v421.1401 32+64bit.rar (4.25 MB)

Reset Trial Time:
CFos trial indefinitely:
Delete registry counterpart of the end date, value can be started from 0 to continue to use 30 days.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

by cFos Speed:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

to freeze trail counter: right click on the registry entry, select permission groupe, disallow write permission [ Full Control set to Deny ] by user account
Read let by Allow

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