Saturday, April 12, 2008

Universal Share Downloader Blackmanos v13.56 Updated 30.03.2008

Universal Share Downloader Latest Version Updated 30.03.2008
Assembling (OCRecogniziation) all based on the famous Universal Share Downloader. "but I think that he does not need to present them has not enjoyed many times." (Blackmanos)

About the features of Blackmanos assembly (Release) :

Recompiled all the latest components included in the fresh, before yesterday's, numbers capture updates (30.03.2008) and made some changes:

- corrected bag hangs process wscript.exe

1. USD automatically enters the right code for you to jump in RapidShare.Com (if you want to reduce the waiting time to read the code and type manually in the form)
2. USD automatically skachkivaet with and
3. USD automatically enters a code for you to jump in
4. USD automatically enters a code for you to jump in
5. USD automatically enters a code for you to jump in
6 USD automatically enters a code for you to jump in FileFactory.Com
7 USD automatically enters the code for you jump in with easy-share, TopoMaps, OpenFile.Ru
8. USD may pump sites,, not loudly to the lack of free slots for your country
9. Building an image with a change in RapidShare.Com, FileFactory.Com or any other refresh itself, and will pump more!
10. USD supported about 150 of such services and provides an opportunity to download files without the tedious procedure of expectations direct links, typing figures (the letters and numbers placed in the picture) and so on.
11. In addition, USD provides an opportunity to build a queue of files, to load the scheduling, and use the proxy.
12. Easy installation (file, and run it all himself where the propishet)!

Are all the updates on 30.03.2008

How convenient this release? Yes that now you can safely put the files in the list for the night with a calm soul and go drink beer or go to bed (who as a resting), and the program will do everything for you and you will get the necessary files!

Immediately warn Antiviruses not, but it could show by Dr.Web a false positive. Read about it here
When first encountered issues read at the forum, and then ask !!!!!!

Assembling necessarily have to run so that all components are in the default folders otherwise it will not work (except portable) ...

On the old homepage ( is this message written:
"How do I get to,,, letitbit?

This page is devoted to "fight" with and similar
exchanger File! First and foremost, many thanks Dimonius for his work and his
neprevzaydenny USDownloader which we all enjoy!
Here is a link to its site
where you can download its program
Also created a script that helps to download from because very frequently change their images to recognize uses external programs is:

Cap by kis_s
Antycaptcha by saltlake
Finereader 8.0 from Abbyy (Most finereader there is not only a
method of processing it needs to be put on separately)
These people can be found at the site in topic Universal Share Downloader!
And so my reference to the assembly, you just saw the top of the table for
the installation run the downloaded file in the folder where the program will be
located, it finds itself unpacked and then where to run in folder the file
update.bat it will get and install the latest updates! ! See the links and downloading!"

New Homepage with always up to date Version: or


Installer Version 10.7 MB: sborka_blackmanos_13_56.exe

Portable Version (no install required) 9.11 MB: sborka_blackmanos_13_56_portable.exe

Cryptload supported Version - Building to the rsdf, ccf (ccf for lunch invested in the converter in rsdf) files or with files (encrypted DLC containers, such as in CryptLoad) 11.9 MB: sborka_blackmanos_13_56_tsdf.exe

To update when changing kapch update.bat run, or get itself or download:
and unpack in a folder with the build ...

Language Pack:

older Version:

Building of Blackmanos 13_51. Automatic downloads from Rapidshare etc.
Building of Blackmanos 13_42. Automatic downloads from Rapidshare etc.
Building of Blackmanos 13_43. Automatic downloads from Rapidshare etc.
Building of Blackmanos 13_55. Automatic downloads from Rapidshare etc.
Building of Blackmanos 13_53. Automatic downloads from Rapidshare etc.

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