Friday, April 18, 2008

PECompact v2.80 beta 7

PECompact v2.80 beta 7 Retail
PECompact v2.80 beta 7 Changes since v2.79:

Addition.Core: Completely rewrote the debug data directory handling. It now can properly relocate the entire IMAGE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY array and referenced raw data into an uncompressed area of the executable. This has two effects: (1.) Debuggers like Visual Studio can find and match the debug symbols in compressed executables and (2.) the size of compressed executables may be reduced further than it was in previous versions when /stripdebug:no and debug information is present
Change.Core: KeepOverlay is now a tri-state option, with the default being 'Auto' - which will auto-preserve overlays greater than 256 bytes in size. This should clear up confusion for many users who compress SFX'd executables or script/interpeter based executables.
Change.Core: Added detection of UPX'd executables (and abort if multicompress is not enabled)
Fix.Core: /KeepOverlay:No was being interpreted wrong (Yes/No was disallowed on that switch, so any mention of it resulted in the option being turned on). Note that its now a tri-state switch that accepts Yes, No, or Auto.
Addition.GUI: Added Strip Debug Directory option to the GUI. Yes, it was missing all this time, but necessary now that PECompact has full debug directory preservation support on compressed executables.
Addition.GUI: Added Korean translation thanks to Jon gryu
Addition.GUI: Updated german translation thanks to u!^UBY
Addition.GUI: Added strings and terminal output for UPX'd executables.
Change.GUI: Preserve overlay is now a tri-state checkbox.
Change.GUI.Projects: I'm sorry, the project file format and saved [registry] options format has changed due to the KeepOverlay change and StripDebugDirectory addition. All existing projects will be incompatible with this version. I will try not to make any more changes from here on out. Note that you could use the old pec2gui.exe with the new pec2.exe, if you're really desperate not to abandon or recreate your PECompact projects.
Change.GUI: Expanded default width of the main window so that the Options column is visible (many people may have never noticed it). This column shows the command-line version of the options you have set for each executable in the list-view.
Change.Installer: Now deletes old language setting, forcing pec2gui to ask for new.

Codec Plug-ins:
LZMA - FFCE - aPLib - JCALG1 - BriefLZ
Other Codec Plug-ins:
Password Protect - MessageBox - Invert - Copy - Expand
API Hook Plug-ins:
Fast-Import - Redirect
Loader Plug-ins:
Anti-Debug - Debug - Enhanced Anti-debug - Reduced

WARNING: Non-english languages need updating and may not currently show new options added to the Options dialog or other graphical interface changes.
WARNING: Old project files and saved registry settings are incompatible with this build.


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Bitsum.PECompact.v2.80.Beta7.WinALL.Retail-CzW - Mirror - Mirror

older Retail:
Bitsum.PECompact.v2.80.Beta6.WinALL.Retail-CzW - Mirror

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