Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thunder V5.7.9.472 Ads Free by cwal

Thunder V5.7.9.472 single file no installer (green version) by cwal

Software size: 9.11 MB
Software Type: Domestic software / free software
Updated: 2008-4-12

Thunder use of the resources Hyper-Threading technology is based on grid principle, there can be a server on the network and computer resources for effective integration, a unique network of Thunder, Thunder through the various data files to network with the fastest speed transmission. Hyper-Threading technology and more resources also have the Internet to download load balancing feature, without lowering the user experience, under the premise of Thunder on the network server resources can be a balanced and effective to reduce the load on the servers.
* New resources Hyper-Threading technology, significantly improve download speeds
* Powerful task management function, you can choose a different task management model
* Intelligent disk cache technology, effectively preventing the high-speed download of the injury on the hard drive
* Intelligent information indicating system, according to the user's operation to provide prompt and operation of the relevant recommendations
* The unique feature of the wrong diagnosis, to help users download the failure to resolve the issue
* Virus protection, and antivirus software can download the document with the guarantee of security
* Automatically detect the new version, prompts the user to upgrade a timely manner
* Provide a wide range of skin, users can choose their own preferences

Thunder Mod by Cwal Features:

* Unremitting efforts, the pursuit of perfection!
* removed all advertising, prohibition of the original plug-in automatically download
* Repair folder automatically generated Vod_cache_data
* Components (see file search) installation of optional
-- Removing the mandate does not delete files by default
+ Support WEB Thunder, Flashget, Tornado Download
+ Perfect support Boss Key Ctrl +0
+ WMZ.dll address translation
+ WMZEx.dll ad-blocking


Download: Thunder by cwal V5.7.9.472.exe

AYU latest Builds:
Ayu Latest Build

DDRDOS Latest:
Language Pack English (All Credits to Malaysia)

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