Tuesday, April 1, 2008

MSIE 8 Beta 1 Acid2 Test Script cheating sites

IE8 Beta1 was accused of using means pass the Acid2 test cheating.
We know that IE8 Beta1 version of the acid2 through testing, Microsoft looks to Internet standards to make a number of improvements. But at present, as a former user Inside Story pointed out that Microsoft has acid2 cheating means to achieve compatibility. Matters in the end is how it all about, let us together look. organizations acid2 allows users to build their own standard test pages, so some users of FreeBSD in their own environment creates a similar acid2 test environment. When using the standard test pages test IE8 browser, all normal. But when users switch to set up their own testing environment are to see there are the tests shown the differents.

Run the Acid 2 Test:

Safari for Windows pass the test on all test sites include the known

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IlLusioN said...

The reassion why is cause I used before Rapidshare on another page but lost many links than I tried Mediafire but if links get on google search top they lost too. Some hosts easy to send abuse even if no reassion for it, they delete it without checking. was before always after a while happen that files from alone delete if they to old. Finally I hit Premium cause there is written that the files do not expire. I dont use to collect for any downloadings but till now all files seems to be working.
The other problem I have a IP where some filehosts have blocked IP range to access cause its reserved IP range.
I will try MiHD and Bandongo as mirror if my ip work on there.
Windows live seems to be the best for me too but I need to change each time the country settings in the webbrowser cause my country by login to skydrive show the message that skydrive is not available for this country to upload/host files.

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